Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed

When I’m away on trips with work, I don’t want to plaster a full face of make up on in a morning, especially if its the day of departure. I still can’t face meeting an entire crew for breakfast bare faced, as no one needs to see that first thing. Sometimes moisturiser just won’t cut it, as the effects of jet lag and 14 hours in a metal tube the day before plays havoc with my face. Fear not Anoushka, I have a life saver and a new saviour that will ensure I look my usual polished self but without caking on the layers and still maintaining a golden glow. Introducing Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed*.

Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed

This quick hit of sunshine in a bottle gets rid of the ashen grey colour of my parched, flight tired skin and gives me an intense boost of tan in seconds. Whilst the formula is not a stain, false tan or a foundation, it gives a great light coverage with an instant colour. The cream formula which is grey in colour once dispensed from the tube contains micro-pigments which burst onto the skin in a delicious golden glow. The colour isn’t too dark nor too fair and is a perfect colour match for the natural tan that I do develop when I have been in the sun. A little definitely goes a long way and blends easily into the skin. As with any facial product, blending is key especially around the hair line and brows.

Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed

Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle Sunkissed (8)

For me this liquid sunshine is my new skin treat whilst on trips and has become a permanent fixture in my long haul suitcase. It definitely has the Air Hostess Seal Of Approval. Matte enough to disguise any oily patches yet sheer enough to look natural with that ‘Hey, I just fell out of bed looking like this’ look. Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle is available in Suntanned, to give a translucsent sunny bronze and Sunkissed which is a lighter honeyed glow.

Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed

As you can see from the picture, a little goes a long way. The 30ml bottle is priced at £28 which may be pricy for some, however I feel that you can’t put a price on something that makes you feel pretty spectacular after you’ve used it. I know i’m onto a winner when other crew members comment that I’m glowing and look really healthy. That for me justifies every penny.

Timebomb Cosmetics Holiday In A Bottle in Sunkissed is by Federici Brands, at £28 for 30ml.

Essie Twinklebelle Duo

My love for Essie has been ongoing for many months now. I seem to veer over to the Essie counter before even looking at any other brands as the colours and finishes are so extensive that you really are spoilt for choice. One Essie polish that I didn’t have, yet has been on my wishlist for quite sometime is Mint Candy Apple. I have seen this colour floating around the Bloggosphere for so long, and have been lusting after it for ages so I’m not sure why it has taken me up until now to get my paws on it. A few weeks ago, I saw Essie tweet about their new duo packs, which are great value for money at £12.99, especially when a single colour is £7.99. Essie Twinklebelle contains a full size Mint Candy Apple and a full size Luxe sparkle top coat in Sparkle On Top. I picked mine up from Boots for £12.99, .

Essie Twinklebelle

Essie Twinklebelle  (11)

Mint Candy Apple is such a pretty Spring/Summer colour, that fits into the pastel trend perfectly. The mint green is a true minty colour and the polish doesn’t look chalky when dry. Two coats are needed for full opacity and application with the pro wide brush is a doddle. Free from streaks and an average drying time, Mint Candy Apple is my new favourite for the upcoming warm weather season.

Essie Twinklebelle

Sparkle on Top is a clear polish with shredded glitter flecks suspended within the varnish. The glitter is silver and green in colour, depending on how the light catches it. Sparkle On Top can be worn alone or over the top of Mint Candy Apple for a pretty accent nail. It is very subtle when worn over the top of Mint Candy Apple and it just gives that added sparkle. It is more show stopping when worn alone as the green glitter flecks do blend in with the Mint Candy Apple base coat.

Essie Twinklebelle

Mint Candy Apple and Sparkle On Top lasted a good three days before I noticed any chips or lifting. The quality of Essie polishes is so good, and Essie Twinklebelle is no exception.

Will you be trying Essie Twinklebelle?

Lush Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb

I recently wrote about my first ever haul from Lush in Bury, and the fabulous goodies that I picked up. I’m still a bit in shock with myself that I have never bought any of the bath bombs or bath ballistics. Since my little trip to Lush, I have used the majority of my goodies, including the Golden Egg and Secret Garden. I thought the Secret Garden was gorgeous, with its rose petals and silky oil it left on my skin. The Golden Egg and its honeycomb scent was just divine and didn’t leave me covered in glitter like I expected it to.

Lush Cosmetics Immaculate Eggception Pink

I picked up the Lush Immaculate Eggception in my haul, in pink. The delicious scent of lemon, grapefruit and vanilla all combine to give an invigorating and uplifting experience. Although it has a £6.95 price tag, the bath bomb can be used three times so it is quite good value for money.

Lush Cosmetics Immaculate Eggception Pink

When I cracked open my Immaculate Eggception, I would find out if it contained a mini yellow chick or white bunny. I got the yellow chick in mine. Its the little touches like this that make me love brands like Lush. Cute and with thought put into it to make it fun.

Lush Cosmetics Immaculate Eggception Pink

I used half of the egg in my bath and its fizzed into a delicious looking pink lagoon, with the wonderful aroma of citrus standing out. The water felt silky and smooth and the bath bomb left my skin feeling amazing. the natural oils within the bath bomb are really good for my skin, especially when I’ve been out in the sun or had a few days at work where I’m left feeling dehydrated. I think I will definitely be getting another Immaculate Eggception before they finish selling them after Easter.

Have you tried any of the Easter range from Lush? The Immaculate Eggception is £6.95 and available in stores and online.

MAC By Request Hoop

Last Summer, MAC Cosmetics released their poll so you could vote for your favourite shades of the 90s and 2000s to make an appearance in Spring 2014. The vote was between six different lipsticks, and three of those would make a comeback on the MAC UK and USA website until they sold out and disappeared forever. The lipsticks up for the vote were:

Pink Poodle: Vivid, fuchsia pink, frost finish
Rozz: Watermelon reddish-pink, matte finish
Hoop: Mid tone rosy pink, matte finish
Tomango: Bright red-orange, matte finish
Glam: Vivid, bright pinky-red, matte finish
Flavour: Soft, muted peachy pink, satin finish

MAC By Request Hoop

I actually remember voting for MAC By Request, and I remember voting for Pink Poodle as it’s pink, and I love a pink lipstick. However, when they came online with the winning requests; Pink Poodle, Hoop and Glam, I automatically went for Hoop as it is a colour that is quite unique and doesn’t look to similar to anything I own already. I may have purchased Pink Poodle too, but we shall save that for another day!

MAC By Request Hoop

MAC By Request Hoop is described as a mid tone rosy pink. To me, it is quite vintage rose in colour. Its absolutely beautiful and I can’t liken it to any other lipstick in my MAC collection. I compared it to Speed Dial and Chatterbox however they are in a totally different colour spectrum in my eyes. Its a warm toned pink, and is fully opaque in coverage and lasts a good 4 hours before wearing off. MAC UK states it has a matte finish, however on the box and tube it says satin finish. It looks to be a matte lipstick in the tube, however there is a definite satin finish when applied. Either way, its a beautiful colour!

MAC By Request Hoop

Alongside the lipsticks, MAC have released the matching lipglasses to add to the collection. I’m not a huge lipglass fan so I haven’t bothered with those however if I can get hold of Glam before it disappears, I’ll be a happy girl! The lipsticks are priced at £15 at MAC UK.

Flaunt Jewellery: Fuchsia Fizz

Ok girls, I need you to stop what you are doing and have a look at this amazing jewellery page, Flaunt Jewellery. I am a huge lover of the statement necklace and the pieces that Flaunt Jewellery has to offer is just incredible. From the necklaces that are on the smaller side, to the huge wow pieces that I like to dress in, Flaunt Jewellery has a great selection to choose from, with prices starting at just £6.

Flaunt Fuchsia Fizz

The Fuchsia Fizz* is a perfect piece to wear both day and night. I teamed it with a simple white vest and blazer for instant glamour and style. The necklace uses a bracelet style clasp surrounded by crystal detailing. During the day, I found the clasp to be secure and although the necklace is quite heavy, it didn’t move around or feel like it would come open.

Flaunt Fuchsia Fizz

The bright fuchsia compliments the sparkle of the crystal perfectly. Whilst I was wearing my Fuchsia Fizz, several people commented about how amazing it looked. When a necklace gets so many compliments, you know you are onto a winner! I do sometimes have an issue with costume jewellery and how it reacts on my skin, however I’m pleased to say that I have had no problems or discolouration whilst wearing Fuchsia Fizz. I’m looking forward to the next time I go out so I can wear it again!

Flaunt Fuchsia Fizz

You can see the full range from Flaunt Jewellery on Facebook, including the beautiful Fuchsia Fizz which is a bargain at £20. I have my eye on The Tropicana and Bubblegum next! Follow Flaunt Jewellery on Twitter and Instagram too.

Lighter Life Fast: The 5:2 diet 2 weeks on.

Two weeks ago I started the 5:2 diet using Lighter Life Fast and just thought I would update you on my progress so far, and how I have been finding the diet.

I have been alternating the meal options on each fast day and I am having 4 different options each time. The meals, I have found, have been pleasantly tasty. My favourites are the vegetable soup, banana milkshake, spaghetti bolognaise and toffee bar.

Lighter Life Fast

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (3)

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (4)

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (5)

The meals are easy to prepare. The milkshakes can be made in a shaker, and the soup just needs hot water adding to it. Everything else can be made either on the hob or in the microwave. I have been using the microwave just because its easy and convenient. I wouldn’t be able to have a hot meal if I was to take the meal options to work as I don’t have a microwave at work. However, I have decided that the hours that I work and the nature of the job, I should be allowed to eat anything on those days! Galaxy Caramel, I’m hunting you down!

What I have been surprised about is how the small portions are very filling. Halfway through my tea I felt full and it gave me a few hours before I wanted to eat my chocolate bar. One thing I have been missing throughout my fast day is fruit and vegetable so I have been snacking throughout the day on sliced peppers, carrots or cherry tomatoes, then adding a small undressed side salad with my evening meal. Its not added on many more calories to my daily total however the greens have made me feel a bit fresher, if that makes sense! With my size and weight, I have worked out that 620 calories is the maximum I can have on a fast day rather than the 530 that I am eating so its not a huge difference with the addition of snacks.

I still have been drinking my cups of tea with a tiny splash of milk, but trying to add to more herbal teas into my day. I have also been drinking 2 litres of water on my fast days which has been making me feel really full. Even though I have felt full, I haven’t been able to stop dreaming of hot buttered toast and milky hot chocolates. I’m sure it will pass.

After two weeks, my total weightloss comes to 6lbs, which is 3lbs per week.

I’ll be continuing my Lighter Life Fast diet for the next two weeks and will post again once it is complete. If you want to try the 5:2 fast with Lighter Life Fast, the meals are exclusive to Superdrug.

Hard Rock Cafe Manchester

Last week I had the opportunity to try out the Hard Rock Cafe Manchester for the first time. Although I have walked past Hard Rock many a time, I have never been in, let alone eaten there. An invitation to sample the new menu and cocktails whilst being pampered by Clarins was definitely going to be accepted. Thank you to Emma, the Sales and Marketing manager for hosting a wonderful night.

Clarins Hard Rock Cafe Manchester event

The cocktails on arrival were so delicious. I had a blue coloured drink that tasted like Pina Colada, so fresh and fruity. I also had a cheeky strawberry and banana flavoured cocktail too. They were ever so nice and very moreish. I think I could have had more than two if I didn’t have work the next day!

Clarins Hard Rock Cafe Manchester event

The food. Oh what can I say about the food but WOW! I have only taken 2 pictures of the offerings for some reaso. I was probably too busy stuffing my face to take pictures, but anyway. I can describe what I had!

Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta: Toasted artisan bread topped with herb cream cheese and marinated Roma tomatoes and fresh basil, served with a drizzle of basil oil and shaved Parmesan. Simply amazing.

Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad: Baby arugula, thinly sliced grilled chicken, spicy pecans, dried cranberries and fresh oranges tossed in lemon balsamic vinaigrette, topped with crumbled feta cheese

Mozzarella and Plum tomato wrapped in a basil leaf and drizzled with balsamic glaze

Smoked salmon bruschetta with creme fraiche and chives

Mini sliders: Juicy burger topped with tangy sauce and cheese, with lettuce and tomato on a seeded bun.

Mini leek tartlets.

Clarins Hard Rock Cafe Manchester event

And i’m saving the best until last. Check out this amazing Oreo cheesecake. Now, bear in mind that this is a sampler and the real life size is that of a house brick with a thick crushed Oreo base and beautiful New York style cheesecake with baked in Oreos, topped with Oreos. It was amazing. I want a big slice right now as I’m drooling whilst I type!

Clarins Hard Rock Cafe Manchester event

The new menu is online at the Hard Rock Café so if you are passing one, I certainly suggest that you pop in. Even just for a slice of cheesecake! To finish the evening, we had complimentary hand and arm massages by the ladies from Clarins at House of Fraser and were invited for a complimentary facial and make over at a later date. More on that next week :)

Have you tried the Hard Rock Café Manchester? Do you think you’d be able to eat a full slice of cheesecake?!

MONU Illuminating Primer

MONU are a brand who I have been seeing around for quite some time. I remember receiving a full sized bottle of facial mist in a beauty subscription box many months back which has been a permanent fixture in my long haul suitcase for those balmy days down route. All of MONUs products are not tested on animals or use any animal derived product including sulphates and colourings. I really like the ethical philosophy behind the brand and that the products are all natural. MONU Illuminating Primer with a SPF15 is the newest step in my skincare and make up application and here are my thoughts.

Monu Illuminating Primer (6)

Primers are a bit hit and miss with myself. I either forget to use them underneath my foundation, or I end up looking like an oil slick because they have reacted with my skin (take note Baby Skin). MONU Illuminating Primer* is a refreshing change in consistency and formula to most other primers I have tried. I have been using MONU for around three weeks now, and have been ensuring I use it daily so I can actually see what the results were. I’ve been using it before foundation and also on no make up days too.

Monu Illuminating Primer

First of all; the scent. Its so organic and natural, it reminds me of foliage and leaves. Its clean and smells of essential oils but I couldn’t pinpoint which oils are used. From the information given on the box, MONU Illuminating Primer contains light reflective Mica, zinc oxide which provides a barrier from harmful rays, cassia alata leaf extract which protects against UV damage, blackcurrant seed oils for suppleness and elasticity and vitamin E.

Monu Illuminating Primer

The pump action tube gives just the right amount of primer in one pump. Although it is a cream, it is as light as a mousse once massaged into skin. A little goes a long way and one pump is more than enough to cover my entire face and into my neck. There is a faint shimmer in the cream that gives off an ethereal glow when fully absorbed. It sinks into my skin wonderfully and doesn’t feel like any other primer I have used before. I usually wear Double Wear for work and a pump of MONU Illuminating Primer underneath Double Wear changes my matte foundation into a a delicious dewy glowing foundation. Hours of running around at work has no effect on the primer. It holds my foundation in place and I haven’t noticed any oily patches appearing on my face which is just fantastic.

I’m certainly going to be keeping MONU Illuminating Primer in my skincare routine. I adore having flawless, blurred out skin with minimal lines that are achieved from using this wonder primer. MONU have a fantastic skincare and make up range and I urge you to give them a look. You can find all the full range at the MONU website. MONU Illuminating Primer is £27.95 for 50ml*.

Argan Dew: Miraculous Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most talked about products in the hair care world. One of the richest and rarest natural oils in the world. it has great properties that rejuvenate, revitalise and nourish your hair. Pure Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree and is a key ingredient in Argan Dews beautiful hair care products. A blend of Argan oil and a selection of vitamins that help hydrate, protect and regenerate your skin and nails make up two of the products that I have tried by Argan Dew.

Argan Dew repleshing hair mask and oil 1

Argan Dew Miraculous Argan Oil, full size 100ml £24.95*

I have been using the oil after I have been washing my hair, first whilst its still damp and then again after blow drying to smooth away any fine hairs and give a silky shine. Over the course of the last three weeks, I have been using Argan Dew on average around 3 times a week. My hair has been easy to blow dry, and any areas that are usually frizzy have been tamed down before drying. My hair looks so shiny and has been a lot more manageable than before I started using it. I have also noticed that my hands have felt more nourished since I have been using it too as I have been massaging the excess into my hands and cuticles.

Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask, full size 250ml £29.95*

I have been using the hair mask weekly over the last three weeks by massaging into wet hair and leaving it for 10-15 minutes. The increased conditioning that I have gained since using the hair mask has made such a difference in how my hair looks. Usually I have to wash my hair every other day as the day after washing it, my hair is usually quite limp and lank. Other the last few weeks, I have noticed that I have a bouncy hairstyle the day after washing and it still looks full and thick. I have also tried leaving Argan Dew on as an overnight treatment. Although it made my hair super silky, it felt quite fly away and looked like it needed washing sooner than usual. I definitely recommend a 10-15 minute treatment rather than an overnight mask if you have fine hair like myself. I have let my Mommy, who has suer thick hair have a few samples so she can try it out too, so I will report back soon.

Argan Dew repleshing hair mask and oil 1

I’m really pleased with the results and condition of my hair since using Argan Dew, and will be continuing to use it for many more weeks to come. I also like that Argan Dew is not tested on animals and is also SLS/SLES and paraban free.

Have you tried Argan oil?

Soap and Glory introduces Orangeasm and Sit Tight

Last week, I was invited by the very lovely Katie and Katy from Soap and Glory to Proper Tea in Manchester for cake, champers and to talk all things Soap and Glory. I don’t think that there is anyone who hasn’t tried something from Soap and Glory, whether it be the body care, skin care or cosmetics line. My bathroom is certainly fully stocked with pink bottles and vintage ladies faces smiling at me from every surface.

Soap and Glory Manchester press event

Proper Tea was the perfect setting for this cute and girly afternoon. On arrival, prosecco with hibiscus and fresh raspberries was served, alongside canapés and nibbles whilst we sat at tables decorated with fresh bright tulips and the latest offerings from Soap and Glory. It was also lovely to catch up with fellow Manchester bloggers, Victoria from In The Frow, Lily Kitten, Jessica from Forever Miss Vanity and Katie from Gold Dust.

Soap and Glory Manchester press event

Now, I’m sure you can’t wait to hear about the newest goodies, so I’ll jump right to it! Drum roll please….. Introducing ‘Orangeasm’, one of the cheekiest named products yet but is so in keeping with the brand and what we expect and love. The new fresh fragrance that is Orangeasm contains Green Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon and Sweet Orange Oil infused into a Body Wash, a Body Butter and the new Super Tonic fragrance.

Soap and Glory OrangeasmSoap and Glory Orangeasm

I’m super excited for these to hit Boots as the scent is insanely good. I also love the shimmer of the body butter, it looks gorgeous on. The Orangeasm Body Wash will be priced at £6.50, the Body Butter at £10.50 and the Super Tonic Fragrance will be £12.

Sit Tight Super Intense 4D and Sit Tight Saddlebags + are two products that need to be in my life at this time! Stubborn saddlebags and problem areas will be a thing of the past with the innovative Pinkpepperslim-lipo-fb active ingredients that target those areas especially when sat down. I particularly love the ‘fat tractor’ as it is affectionately known within S&G HQ on the Sit Tight Saddlebags +. I’ve been using this over the last few days so I will get back to you with my results at the end of the trial. Sit Tight Super Intense 4D will be priced at £18 and Sit Tight Saddlebags at £16.50.

Soap and Glory Sit Tight

What do you think of these new goodies from Soap and Glory? Will you be trying any?

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