It’s really quite funny when you look at trends in the beauty industry, especially ones that get insanely hyped up. It’s all down to celebrity and when Kim Kardashian’s make up artist Mario Dedivanovic showcased a YouTube video in 2011 of how he sculpted and set Kimmy’s killer cheekbones, the world went mad for contouring. Although I like to contour slightly, it’s not high on my list of makeup priorities and I only really tend to fully contour if I know that I’m going to be photographed or for a night out. My makeup technique tends to work around the… View Post

I’m quite partial to a spot of fancy dress, but sometimes the effort, cost and time gets in the way. I totally take my hat off to those who have been doing amazing Halloween inspired make up looks (check out Hayley from Tea Party Beauty’s Instagram) but it’s just not me. Call me boring but I much prefer to still look like myself when I’m heading out to a party. The last time I got dressed up for Halloween was two years ago. Rocking an orange and black tutu, I was the Pumpkin witch and we celebrated Halloween whilst in… View Post

Oh hallelujiah, I have finally managed to get my skin under control. It’s taken time, but it’s been worth it. So much so, that I’ve even been leaving the house with no make up except some brows and lashes. Who would have thought it? Clean, fresh, plumped up skin with an even texture and smooth surface, that defies my thirty four years. What is my secret? Well, let me tell you. I’ve found six skincare products you need to try this autumn, that have been helping to bring the best out of my skin. I’ve raved about my FOREO Luna… View Post

Over the 3 and a half years that I’ve been running Anoushka Loves, I have had some absolutely incredible opportunities to work with world class brands and people. It’s been pretty amazing to me to see just where my hard work has taken me, and with each email that drops into my inbox with a request for a collaboration makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. On Anoushka Loves, I share the things that I love and one of those brands happens to be LiLash who produce the best serum for growing your lashes. From my love of LiLash,… View Post

Lipstick. Such a funny thing to be addicted to but I can’t help it. I love how it can transform your look, reflect your mood and take you from plain Jane to Beauty Queen in a quick swipe of colour. Whether it be a drugstore lipstick or a £39 Tom Ford shade, there’s something pretty magical about how a slick of colour can make you feel so good. It’s rather funny as when I’m at home and on days off, I err more towards a nude lip, with a hint of colour yet, I can’t go to work with wearing… View Post

Yes, my dears, you have read the title correctly. There is an Oliver Bonas in Manchester. I can’t tell you just how excited I was when I saw the boarded up shop front in Piccadilly Station. For those of you who are thinking ‘What’s an Oliver Bonas?’, let me tell you. Not only a bloggers paradise for those cute and quirky little accessories, marble and rose gold pieces of furniture and the to die for pineapple goblet, but a shop that offers homeware, beauty, fashion, accessories and gifts all under one roof. Each Oliver Bonas piece is carefully curated for… View Post

Has anyone else noticed that their skin is playing up with this change in weather? Maybe it’s to do with the central heating being on as the dark nights get colder, and the nip in the air during the day. As I write, I’ve just glanced at the temperature and Manchester is showing as a positively balmy 9 degrees. There’s a small godsend that it isn’t raining, and I can choose my outfit du jour with ease. As I have been wearing more and more layers to protect against the elements, I have seen a huge difference from when my… View Post

There’s nothing that I love more than gifts with purchases and there’s been some really good offers lately, with some of the best brands around. Aside from them being a great way to try out products that you may not get chance to, I love the mini sized products that I can keep in my toiletry bag for when I’m travelling. From today until the 5th November, Elizabeth Arden have a great deal when you buy two products from House of Fraser, one of them to be skincare. Some of my most used skincare products come from Elizabeth Arden and… View Post

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and each and every single year, I like to show my support by shopping pink. From groceries and home wear, health and beauty, pink is the colour of the moment. Selected products that are going pink for October donate a substantial amount of profit to Breast Cancer Research, to help people who have been affected by breast cancer. Estée Lauder Companies play a large part in the fundraising, with several brands that fall under the Estée Lauder umbrella releasing limited edition products with proceeds that will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.… View Post

For someone who has a rather extensive perfume collection, I seem to be a creature of habit when it comes to deciding which scents to wear. I usually select my scent dependennt on my mood, but take into account the occasion and the season. I do find that some scents work better in warmer climates than others whilst heavier, deeper fragrances need a cooler environment for the scent to perform its best. At the beginning of summer, Marc Jacobs released the new limited edition version of the best selling Daisy in a blush edition, across the original Daisy, Daisy Eau… View Post

Before I had all my lovely long hair chopped off, it was very rare that I would use a styling tool on my locks. Sure, I occasionally curled it, and removed the kinks from my bobble with my ghd’s but my hair was left alone. Since having the chop, I’ve found that I am experimenting a lot more with my short bob and using a lot of heat on my hair. Heat obviously is an issue, especially with the amount of times you use it, and with the heat levels that you use. I know that my curling tongs and… View Post