Over the years, there have been a lot of products that I’ve bought that haven’t been worth it. A sucker for packaging, and glossy luxury, I jump in with both feet because of the hype before reading trusted reviews. A lot of those products that aren’t worth the hype tend to be the ones that bloggers rave out before the launch, and then when it’s all died down, they aren’t mentioned again. YouTube sensation Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to bring out Champagne Pop, a much hyped product and one, which again, I jumped for. Thankfully, it’s a truly… View Post

I’ve been playing around with my make up storage over the last few days, and trying to rearrange my stash into a more organised, and current order. It seems that as I have been tidying, I have noticed just how much Too Faced has taken over my make up collection. Being one of the girliest and prettiest brands, with exceptional quality products, it’s no surprise that I have been hoarding it. I’ve recently gushed about how much I adore my Too Faced Chocolate Bons Bons palette and my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. Whimsical and kitsch, I couldn’t… View Post

Many years ago, I was taught a very valuable lesson. That lesson was the art of a smoky eye and I was around nine years old. Having a highly skilled make up artist for a Mum set me in my way, and I suppose you could say it’s what jump started the obsession with make up. To this day, you will find my Mum and I perusing the stands of Selfridges of a weekend, getting excited about new releases and consistently tagging each other in make up related posts on Instagram and Facebook. One of the skills that our Debs… View Post

Taking a break from being all fashionista, I’m heading back into familiar territory and doing what I do best. Talking about lipstick of course. Having racked up another four Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks in as many weeks, the addiction is well and truly real. Out of all the liquid lipsticks that I own, I get the most excited about the shades from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I can’t help myself from getting a few every time I nip in Sephora. Most recently I’ve bought Rio, Madison, Dolce and Soft Lilac and I’m dying to head back to America to… View Post

Living in Manchester has it’s advantages. It’s a big city with an extraordinary amount of bars and restaurants, with new eateries popping up left, right and centre. Although I like to try new places, I always find myself back in my favourite haunts. One of those places happens to be Artisan, located in Spinningfields, Manchester. A thriving and bustling area, filled with high end luxury shops and some fabulous places to grab a cocktail or four, Spinningfields is the area to be in when heading out. Artisan opened in 2013, within a 12,000 sq ft industrial space. Bare brick walls,… View Post

Since taking the rather large step to introduce more fashion onto Anoushka Loves, I have become a woman obsessed. I’ve always taken a keen interest in fashion and prefer to pick up key pieces to introduce into my rather neutral based wardrobe, with classic shapes and basics that will last for seasons. As fashion changes so quickly, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with trends, so being selective with fashion does have it’s advantages. I’m more of a seasonal shopper, and tend to choose things ready for the weather changes, although I have to take into consideration that I may… View Post

It seems that this year it’s all about blending and juicing, and with the amount of products on the market, it’s a bit of a minefield when looking for a gadget that gives you what you need. Having toyed with the idea of getting the most out of my fresh fruit and veg, I didn’t really know which route to go down, and my browsing history was awash with searches for the best blender, smoothie maker and juicer. Having limited storage space in my kitchen was also something to keep in mind and I found a lot of the units… View Post

I’ve been spurred on to write this post after seeing numerous pictures splashed across my social media sites of those people who I follow, enjoying themselves on holiday. Weeks in Mexico and The Maldives, a jaunt over to the Canary Islands, and lazing on the untouched golden sands of the Caribbean and Cyprus. And, in each and every single photo, I have not yet spotted an SPF more than factor 15. Of course, it’s a personal choice of which sun protection factor to wear, and with that choice, there is also the consequences of what comes from frying in the… View Post

Oh hair. I don’t know what is going on right now, but I cannot do anything with my hair at all. It’s grown and I’m not sure on the cut as it’s not doing what I want it to do. I’m having to wash it more frequently and where the length is at the moment, is just where my natural curl in my hair is, so I’m getting a little kink on one side of my head. Not the sleek and sophisticated style that its supposed to be. I’m looking at old photographs of my short short hair, and I’m… View Post

Although it may be said that I own way too many eye shadows, I personally believe that this isn’t possible. There is something about eye shadow, and I love how I can be really creative with colour or just simply enhance my natural eye colour with a sweep of powder. It’s a very expressive form of make up, and I adore it. Although I have recently been flitting between just three palettes lately; my custom Make Up Geek palette, The Estée Edit palette and Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, I have found that the Too Faced Chocolate Bon… View Post

Falling behind with my blog has been rather painful lately. Not only do I have tons of amazing things to share with you, but I want my site to be working perfectly after it got hacked. I have finally managed to get everything sorted out and although I am running about 4 weeks behind, I am finally starting to get back on track. After not receiving a Cohorted box for several months, I’ve recently been in receipt of the July box. The August box will be being dispatched very soon so although this is a bit late to the party,… View Post