At last, a beauty box has dropped on my door step that includes a winning formula of travel sized beauty products that I can put into my toiletry bag and take away to work. Travel sized products are the handiest thing in my life. The less room that I can take up in my suitcase means more room for shopping in Sephora and Macys. As you are reading this, I will be in Florida, ready to head home with a case full of new goodies. Although I am slightly digressing, I spend a lot of time in various hotel rooms… View Post

How many eye shadows can one girl own? If you’re me, it can stretch into the hundreds and still going strong. Lying in bed one Friday night, I had been on a bit of an online shopping mission. I had decided that all my clothes were yuck, and I needed new and vibrant new pieces to jazz up the older stuff that I need to make the most of. As with modern day technology, and cookies on your computer, it flashed up whilst shopping that Beauty Bay had some special offers on. Special Offer? More like take my money and… View Post

When a girl is feeling a bit meh, the best way to perk yourself up is to take a trip down to a beauty salon for some much needed pampering. A salon local to myself is Sunday’s, a thriving business that offers the most up to date beauty treatments. It’s strange really, as Sundays has been running for so many years yet I have never stepped foot inside, so it was definitely about time to rectify that. I decided to get the latest trend LVL Lashes as well as trying to get dreadful nails sorted out. Appointment booked for 3pm,… View Post

Oh YSL, why do you do this to me? There’s nothing worse than feeling blue, heading to Selfridges and coming home with something gold. The beauty of YSL and the limited edition products means that I get caught off guard each and every single time a new collection comes out, I’m hooked. Hooked for the luxurious gold packaging, and hooked for the beauty within. This Summer, YSL Beauty have released Savage Beauty, a collection inspired by the rich tones of the desert. With the range comprising of a limited edition eye shadow palette, two new Full Metal Shadows, Gloss Voluptes,… View Post

Being a beauty obsessive means that I simply cannot go a single day without oohing and ahhing all over new products. As much as I love my favourite brands, I am always on the lookout for new brands and products to find some hidden gems. I’ve come across New CID Beauty a few times before, as I have seen the products as gifts with purchase on some magazine and read a few blog posts where the New CID bronzer has been mentioned. It’s swoon-worthy. Ideal World have recently become an outlet for New CID, making it even easier to get… View Post

As a blogger who changes her ‘theme’ on a monthly basis, I cannot tell you how happy I am that I can bring my summer theme to the blog. With my website issues over the last month, it has really set me back in the content that I was going to show you, but finally, I am now in a position to explode with summery vibes and tropical thoughts. What better item to introduce my new summery theme than the gorgeous scent of the summer – CK One Summer. CK One goes way back, and I remember the original being… View Post

I have a new toy! It’s quite seriously the most fun beauty gadget I have ever tried in my life, and it actually makes a difference. After having used the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush for the last few weeks, I though I would also share my new toy that has been working in conjunction with my toothbrush to give me that perfect clean smile. The Philips Sonicare AirFloss is quite possibly the fun-est thing I’ve put in my mouth. Minds out of the gutter please! I’m getting really hot on my dental care as of late and I’ve found that… View Post

I’ve done it again. I’ve bought another piece of make up that I have absolutely zero intention of using because it is just too god damn beautiful. A trip to Miami earlier on this year took me to a mall and in that mall was a giant Sephora. My second home. I had planned to get quite a few items but a horrible sales person put a stop to that. I did pick up one thing, the Sephora Disney Minnie red lipstick – limited edition and oh so special. The Sephora Disney Collection comprises of six products from an eye… View Post

In all my 33 years of living, I have never owned an electric toothbrush. It’s always been one of those things on my list to buy but I’ve always been a little bit confused when it comes to what kind of toothbrush that I need. My needs are simple; easy to take travelling, easy to charge and powerful enough to take my teeth from white to ultra bright. Philips are known in the beauty industry for bringing affordable products with excellent quality to the table so when I was approached to try out the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush, I… View Post

Sometimes, something just has to give and when life is getting in the way, it’s time to take a step back. Although my blog is an outlet to share everything I love about make up and beauty, it’s also an outlet to talk about the real life stuff. I have been struggling lately, struggling in a way that sometimes I just can’t explain how I’m feeling. Run down and tired, tired from work and tired from life in general. My health isn’t at its optimum right now, and although I can pin point what is going on with my fatigue,… View Post

I have writer’s block. Combined with a lack of website for several weeks, a new keyboard which although I love, it doesn’t feel the same as my old one, and having a backlog of posts to do has made the whole blogging sitch become slightly unbearable at the moment. I love writing, I really do but I seem to have become a bit bogged down with everything. There is one thing that I know I can talk about til the cows come home and that is lipstick. So, without further adieu, lets break the block by bringing in the big… View Post