Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers

Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers 1 Gimme Sun Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers

Another absolute bargain from the TikTok shop, I managed to get all four Gimme Sun bronzers for just £15. I didn’t need them but who could turn down a bargain like that. I may not have needed them but they have slipped into my routine with ease and has left me looking like a sculpted bronzed goddess. As featured in the Doll Beauty Artist palette, I am actually really pleased to have the full set as I wanted the individuals of two shades anyway.

Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers

What I do love about the Gimme Sun bronzers is that they all have a peach undertone, making the shades work perfectly on all skin tones without looking muddy or orange. I have been wearing Medium and Medium Deep, both are absolutely gorgeous on the skin and blend out beautifully.

Packaging wise, Gimme Sun Bronzers are everything you expect from Doll Beauty. They are huge compacts with a decent size mirror and a whopping 16g of product inside. It’s going to take a long time to finish these up. Remember the massive Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer? That’s still going 5 or 6 years later!

I really like the formulation of the Gimme Sun. They are finely milled powders that pick up well on both synthetic and real hair brushes. The bronzer diffuses out on the skin without dumping powder in one place and the blend is seamless. I wear bronzer where the sun would hit my skin, and I particularly love the sunkissed nose and cheeks. Medium gives me my perfect sun kissed look, whilst Medium Deep is a winner for sculpted cheekbone and sharpening the contours of my face without looking too overdone. I also like to take the bronzer across my décolletage for that ultimate sun kissed, glowy finish.

Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers 12 Gimme Sun Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Bronzers

At the moment, the bronzers are £20 on the Doll Beauty website but you need to be checking out the TikTok shop for the best deals – the vouchers and bundle prices they give are insane and I’ve had some top bargains. I literally check the shop daily for the best deals. Whilst you’re on TikTok, don’t forget to give me a follow for daily videos! I’ve also found them for £15 on Boots, with a Buy One, Get One half Price deal.

What’s your favourite product from Doll Beauty?

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