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Temple Spa Truffle Collection

It has been only a very short time in my life that I have been using Temple Spa products for, but my god, I simply couldn’t love them any more than I do. Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m quite fickle when it comes to products but for me to finish a tub of anything is a very rare occurrence. Usually, I get bored halfway through something, or something new comes along that catches my attention, and that’s absolutely fine because in this ‘job’ I have a lot of product coming in and out of my life. Temple Spa seems to have satisfied my needs and although it was only November when I first received the Temple Spa Body Truffle, I have since started using it a lot more lately. I’m going to introduce you to the Truffle collection, a luxury face and body collection that I adore.

Last year, I did a collaboration with The Good Spa Guide and I was sent a jar of the Temple Spa Body Truffle. I used it a handful of times, but then put it in a drawer to save for best when I saw the price tag. I am absolutely rubbish when it comes to body moisturisers. I find that my shower gel is usually enough to keep my skin moisturised and then when I’m feeling particularly dry, I dig out an intensive product and slather myself in it. I’d been away to Barbados over the winter and came back drier than the desert. Reaching for the Body Truffle, I slathered myself in the rose quartz, cashmere and black truffle laden formula and realised that this was something quite special.

Temple Spa Truffle Collection

Temple Spa Truffle Collection Body Truffle

Temple Spa Truffle Collection Trufflesque

Not only did I notice that my sun parched skin reacted so well with the Body Truffle, but I started to notice little changes in my skin. It looked glowing, and had a shine to it that didn’t disappear once the cream had sunk in. It not only looked like the texture had changed, but my skin felt firmer, smoother and wonderfully radiant. The scent of Body Truffle is insane, I could literally sit and smell the pot for the spa like, expensive aroma. The rose quartz helps give skin the radiance, whilst the cashmere leaves the silky smooth finish. I have become addicted.

Can you imagine anything more luxurious than a face mask containing gold, champagne and black truffle? Nope? Neither can I anymore. In fact, I’m going to be hard pushed to find a face mask which is exquisite as the Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration and Radiance Masque. A little goes a long way, and using the Temple Spa brush, it’s very easy to apply a generous even layer of the masque over your face. Unwinding and sitting back for 20 minutes whilst the masque gets to work, it works its magic by plumping skin and injecting some much needed hydration back into it. The combination of diamond powder and gold particles work together to convert UV light to blue light to add radiance to the skin. After the 20 minutes, the masque is rubbed into the skin, turning it into a soft balm that has has more skin benefits, then rinsed away with a warm, damp muslin cloth.

The difference in my skin is very apparent after using the mask. I look glowing, my skin is smooth and there’s an ethereal radiance to it that I can never achieve from using any other product. My pores seemed to look more refined, and I feel lifted. Maybe it’s because it’s gold, maybe because it’s a special treat but my god, I think this product is absolutely amazing. A 60ml pot is £50 and with the amount I have used over several masks, once a week, it’s not even chipped the surface. The pot still looks brand new. I think for an exceptionally luxurious treat that Trufflesque is the one. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a gold face once a week. I felt like an Oscar.

Temple Spa Truffle Collection Trufflesque

Temple Spa Truffle Collection Skin Truffle

I’ve been flitting between a few moisturisers at the moment, and I have two which are on regular rotation. On most nights I like to use a selection of products for several skin concerns and finish off with Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream. For the times where I’ve used Trufflesque or spent rather a long time pampering myself in my bathroom, I use Temple Spa Skin Truffle, £85 for 50ml. Again, it’s highly luxurious and I feel slightly guilty for wanting to cover my face in such an expensive product, but then I compare it to the Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream which is £132 for 50ml and that feels so basic in comparison. The Temple Spa Skin Truffle is just on another level, with the formulation, ingredients and scent.

Pure gold, truffles and diamonds are the key ingredients in Skin Truffle and it’s like it leaves a layer of diamond dust across my face when I’ve used it. The whole range is about radiance, and it’s something that it very noticeable after using each one of the Truffle products. Anti-ageing, soothing and calming, it’s rejuvenation in a pot. It’s skin lustre that sparkles and glows. I also don’t feel the need for a serum before using Skin Truffle, which is pretty amazing considering I’ve had dehydrated skin for years yet I feel like a serum would be overdoing it. I’m just so impressed that I cannot get over just how much I love the products.

I have a funny feeling that you’re all going to be hearing a lot more about Temple Spa coming up. It comes with addiction. Is it bad that I already have a £300 strong online shopping basket full of products that I want to try?

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