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Introducing Dr Barbara Sturm Skincare

After having a few tough weeks with my skin, I had to strip it back to basics and use a minimal amount of product until I had combated the issues. After finding that my old faithful Clarins products have been a god send, I’ve been able to add more products into my routine to tackle the concerns that I have had. Although I haven’t been flying lately, my skin has still been feeling a tad dehydrated in certain areas, and the medication has definitely dried me out. Even though I’ve been running a basic routine, I do love to use acid based products to keep my skin smooth and exfoliated. I’ve pulled together a handful of products that I have been adding back into the regime; some gentle and some with a bit more oomph to give me glowing, healthy skin and will share these over the next few posts.

Introducing Dr Barbara Sturm Skincare

Introducing Dr Barbara Sturm Skincare

To tackle the dehydration, I’ve been using two products from the Dr Barbara Sturm range. New to Space NK, I had the pleasure of having a consultation with Dr Sturm, who has advised that I need to hydrate my skin with the Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream and Dr Barbara Sturm Eye Cream. The range does include products including Hyaluronic Acid Serum and SPF 50 drops, which I really want to try out next. The first thing I noticed about Dr Sturm was just how incredible her skin was. Void of makeup, she explained how the whole range was designed for maximum results without having to use a lot of different products. I am going against her words, as I have been using more products but I will blame this on not having the full collection in my possession! The ingredients of each product have been used with a great understanding of the skins cells and anti ageing, to strengthen, protect, detoxify and nourish the skin. The products are that gentle that they can be used on sensitive skin and she even uses the cream on her young daughters skin.

For the last few weeks of using the Dr Barbara Sturm, I have noticed a huge change in the elasticity of my skin. My problem dehydrated areas are across my jaw line and under and around my eye contour. Both creams feel like they are packed full of water, not that they are watery in consistency but they have that great moisture feeling when applied to the skin. I’m using the normal cream, although a rich version is available. I feel that it has an anti inflammatory property to it, as my skin feels so soothed and calm after each use. The eye cream is my favourite of the two, and as I’m a bit of a bugger with using eye cream and quite often I forget, I quite like to treat my eyes of an evening. As a contact lens wearer, I do suffer with some dryness around my eyes if I have been wearing lenses for several hours for the day, which leads to itchiness and irritation. The red rimmed eyes that I have been so used to have since been replaced with bright, clear and hydrated skin that looks visibly lifted.

The science within the creams is very apparent and although I find that when testing skincare, that it can take up to four weeks before I start seeing results, I did notice a lot of change in as little as ten days. The price is on the higher side, but with the little amount of product that I have to use, and how well it works, I would have no hesitation in repurchasing. After all, it is your face and to me, once mine starts to go, then I have nothing left!

If you’re near Space NK, please do have a look at the range. Just trying it on your hand will show you just how good the creams are. I’m a Dr Barbara Sturm convert and I have no regrets!

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