Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

You may remember back in the Summer when I spoke about a new range that I had been using; the Salon Science Swiss Grape. The range had been specially formulated to protect hair from damage and to prevent colour fade. I was really impressed with the range that I decided to focus on an area that has been causing me great upset over the last few months – hair loss. With this in mind, the Swiss Apple range works on building up fine hair whilst restoring the hair shaft.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

I’ve been losing hair for quite a few months now and it is coming out in its droves. Although everyone laughs and says I’m over reacting, I have noticed a definite thinning out of my hair, with lots of breakages and hair coming out at the root. I’ve reduced the amount of colour going onto my hair to build up its condition, and switched over to using Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare products.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

The Salon Science Celluluxe shampoo* and Celluluxe conditioner* are both excellent products, with the shampoo giving my hair that squeaky clean feeling and the conditioner making my hair silky soft. My hair seems to be a lot more resilient lately and when I brush it whilst wet, it seems like a lot less hair comes out. My main concern is the sheer amount of hair in my brush. I know I have long hair and that long hair is prone to shedding but you just know when something isn’t right.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

As a weekly treat I use the Salon Science Swiss Apple Cellutensive Masque*. Now this is where this range gets interesting. As its such a heavily conditioning masque I can only use it once a week as it makes my hair quite flyaway however when I do use it, it leaves my hair in such amazing condition that I feel like Rapunzel. My hair is so soft and silky, it looks like a curtain of hair. The hair shaft is incredibly smooth and it doesn’t leave my roots looking greasy. For a more intensive treatment, I smooth it into damp hair and leave for an hour or two before rinsing off.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

My favourite product from the range has to be the Salon Science Cellucovery Scalp Treatment*Β and this is the product that I see the most results from. It’s quite difficult at first to work out how to add the treatment to your scalp and where to add it so it doesn’t cause any greasiness in the roots, and it definitely needs massaging in properly. What I have seen over the last few months of me using the treatment is my hair becoming so much more thicker. My roots seem more volumised and the top of my hair looks and feels a lot thicker. I’m exceptionally happy with these results.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare

Finally, for some extra pizazz for your hair, the Salon Science Cellumax Volumising foam* is a brilliant mousse to add to damp hair prior to blow drying. I don’t usually use a mousse in my hair so I can’t really compare it to anything but what I will say is that my hair is still as soft as my hair without product and I feel no crispiness throughout my hairstyle. I still have that natural movement but just with a lot of body and volume.

I’m hoping that my hair stops falling out of its own accord and starts becoming that glossy long mane that I have been used too otherwise I will cut it all off. Jokes aside though, I really am pleased with the results from the Salon Science Swiss Apple Haircare range and if I can see a difference from the roots so far, then here’s hoping that it won’t be too long before the rest of my hair follows suite.

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  • Lucy Stanistreet

    I lose my hair loads it sheds a ridiculous amount so I’ll have to give this a try xx


    • It’s horrible how much comes out isn’t it! I definitely recommend the drops for thickening xx

  • This sounds incredible, my hair fell out a lot due to stress last year and I am not sure if this will help due to that but I am willing to give it a go it sounds amazing! I hear you on how other people dont understand, its frustrating when people keep saying youre being sily- especially when I had whole bald patches xxxx

    • I know! I haven’t got any bald patches that I know of, but my hair is so thin especially on the side I have my parting πŸ™ xxxxx

  • Another one here with hair loss. Its just so disheartening isn’t it? This sounds lovely though, even just for the ‘apple’!

    Annabel β™₯
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • It smells good enough to eat! I wish I had lovely thick hair. Ahh that’s the dream πŸ˜‰ xx

  • KPsays

    Ugh, I suffer from chronic breakage of my hair too! Too much color! Next step is proper treatments, as not coloring is not an option. I have tons of gray πŸ™

    • Since letting my natural colour grow out, it’s in so much better condition. I might try the tablets again that help strengthen your hair x