Passionate Lush Lips

Another day, another lipstick purchased. I love how well my spending ban is going, hmm. I blame my Mum for this one as she asked my to go to Lush for some lip scrub and whilst I was in there, Passionate caught my eye. Glinting under the spotlight, this blue toned pink purple lipstick just screamed to be purchased. So I did. And I don’t regret it one little bit.

Lets look at its gorgeousness…

Lush Lipstick Passionate

It really reminds me of MAC Show Orchid, in that it has a blue undertone to its magenta colour. Its bright, loud and show stopping, and rather than being as thick as a lipstick, it covers more like a stain but thicker.

Lush Lipstick Passionate


Its so long lasting, the lipstick literally adheres itself to your lips and it is a bit of a mare to get off. I have had to follow the removal of Passionate with a lip scrub as if I have had any slightly dry patches, it has just stuck to them.

Overall, I’m absolutely over the moon with my second ever Lush purchase. I’m thinking about trying out some of the other colours as for longevity, they are really worth the money.

Thanks Lush, I’m in love!

  • Cornelia

    I didn’t know Lush carried things like this! Love the colour and the bottle!

    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

  • I dont know if its just me but i have a purple one of these and it tastes absolutely fucking rank haha its literally disgusting….pretty colour though

    • I’ll have to taste mine to see haha!!xx

  • Bel

    That shade looks stunning on you! Pretty interesting and unique packaging, I’ll have to look out for it! Great review lovely!

  • Oh wow this looks gorgeous on you – what a stunning colour. It sounds like such an amazing product, I’d love to try one (or three!) xxx