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My Hair Journey with The Colour Room & Montibello

In the last eight months, I have taken my long blonde hair through various stages before settling on style that I am totally in love with. Due to stress on my hair and health issues that have caused falling out, mixed in with the natural breakage of over processed hair, I’ve had to really change how I look after my hair as well as changing styles and colours to restore my hair back to it’s former glory. I thought I would take you on a hair journey today and to show you just what I have had done and which products I have been using to restore the health back into my locks.

Back in 2014, I had my hair coloured using a blonde hi lift tint for the last time. I had just managed to grow my hair back into a long style after having a ‘Frankie Sanford’ style asymmetrical bob. My hair was past my shoulders and with it having a natural kink, I was using straighteners to style it and with the harsh blonde colour that it was holding, my hair was dry and quite brittle at times. I started to grow out my natural root, which is quite a mousy blonde, just to try and restore my hair. I was getting a lot of breakage around the hairline, as well as a loss of hair which was put down to my lack of Vitamin B12 in my body. The natural ombré was really helping me out but I was finding that the processed blonde was a lot drier in texture than my natural hair, so it was causing the stretched root to look greasy when in fact, it wasn’t.

 The Colour Room

It was November of last year when I headed to Hair Couture to take the plunge into the world of brunette hair and I really made a drastic change. Keeping the length but changing the colour was all I was brave enough to do and although the colour was quite dark at first, it gradually faded into a more auburn brown shade. I knew that the colour had faded because of how blonde my hair was underneath the brown, which led me to making a further change.

At this time however, my hair was feeling in great condition and I had started using Montibello hair care products as part of my daily routine. The Montibello Repair Active Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to inject moisture back into dry, damaged and dehydrated hair. I have definitely seen a huge difference in the state of my hair since using Montibello, and whilst the shampoo and conditioner have been working their magic, I also had to help out by trying to avoid heat styling and twisting my hair into a top knot to stop breakage.



March took me to The Colour Room in Stockport where I went for the chop. 9 inches of hair was removed to bring my hair to just above my shoulders, and the brunette was intensified to a deeper, glossier brown colour. The reasoning behind the chop was to remove all of the blonde treated hair underneath so the brunette colour remained. I loved the colour and once the highlights settled down into a warmer blonde, I really loved having darker hair. I was still wanting a bit more from my style. Although I could get my hair in a pleat for work, and it made the most gorgeous looking loose waves, I felt like I was craving a shorter and sleeker cut.

As part of a press event, the Nicky Clarke Salon at Spinningfields Manchester took my shoulder length bob to a glossier, sleeker cut. I had no hair left to tie up it was that short at the back and the cut was gorgeous. Every bit of blonde that was underneath had definitely been cut out and I was finally starting to feel like I had found a style that I adored. The problem with having short hair though, is it’s addictive. I wanted more cut off, but first I needed to make sure my hair was in great condition.

For a weekly intensive treatment, I have been using the Montibello Repair Active Instant Power shots. These little tubes are like food for the hair and I use them in two different ways. My first way to use them is to dampen hair and then cover the hair in the Instant Power. Sitting and relaxing with my hair under a shower cap for a good hour is not only relaxing but my dry and damaged hair feels like it belongs to someone else by the time I have finished. It also doesn’t leave my hair feeling flyaway or limp from too much conditioner. It’s also great to use in between shampoo and conditioning for a quick shot of hydration mid week.

My last hair appointment took me back to The Colour Room in Stockport as I couldn’t wait for Hannah and Kate to get their hands back on my hair again. Kate is an absolute genius when it comes to colouring and I seriously adore how she makes my highlights look so natural that you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are natural. I had the same base colour applied to my hair, which although dark when applied, it fades into a beautiful warm brunette shade. Extra warm blonde highlights were added, and although I’ve spent time going darker, my hair is in such good condition that I add those extra blonder sections without worrying about dry and brittle hair. I also had the Olaplex treatment whilst at The Colour Room which transforms hair back to feeling like virgin hair. I have found that I have had hardly any problems with breakage, colour fade or in general my hair feels fantastic. I would really recommend an Olaplex treatment to anyone who hasn’t had it done before. With the cut, Hannah has taken it a little shorter, with more of a concave style, but really textured. I can make my hair go so big with the right styling products and really mussed up with loads of bounce and character.

My hair is now due a trim, but i’m really tempted to get the angled cut to look at bit more structured with more of a concave shape to it. I love my hair, and I love how it’s really letting me get creative right now. It’s in such good condition with the hair products that I have been using as well getting away without having to use heat products on it so often. Do you like to experiment with your hair? What has been your favourite style of mine?

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