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Bit of random post today but I thought I would give you a bit of insight to what has been happening in Anoushka world lately. This post isn’t to gain any sympathy, as I don’t need it, but it is to mention a few things that have been happening to me and the cause. I have mentioned on Twitter that I have been having to have lots of injections lately, and many of you have responded however its quite difficult to explain in 140 characters. So, here is my little story for your reading pleasure.

I have been an air hostess for the past eight years, and my job means lifestyle disruption, sleep disruption and a complete lack of routine. I was always tired even though I had mammoth sleeps. I could easily do a 15 hour Night Nurse induced sleep if I wanted too. People at work always laughed at me because I was always in bed and I felt lethargic all of the time, without being able to pinpoint it back to anything. I blamed it on the job and the anti-social nature of my working pattern and the time zones I flitted in between. Jet lag was my constant excuse whilst at home, yet whilst away when I was used to waking up at 5am local time, I’d be sleeping in past breakfast and still feel exausted. Looking back there was definitely something wrong.

Just after Christmas I started getting headaches, electric shock style headaches where they would stop me in my tracks. My mum suffers from migraines so I thought nothing of it, other than it’s a migraine. Everyone I knew became instant Drs on Facebook, diagnosing me and I was three clicks away from being clinically dead on Google. I checked my glasses prescription, made sure I was drinking my 2 litres of water a day and getting enough rest but still they continued. I thought it may have been sinusitis, something that I suffer with quite badly but two trips to the walk in centre ruled that out. After having nearly 8 weeks of constant head pain, I made a GP appointment, and my god am I glad I did!

I had 8 tubes of blood taken, which was fun. Not. Luckily needles don’t phase me, but waiting for the results? Well, I had myself worked up into a right state, especially when the receptionist called to say the Dr needed to speak to me about them. I thought I was on the express train to being bed-bound and having home help because I was that sick. I’m such a drama queen. ‘The bloods were fine’ said Dr ‘but you are deficient in B12’. Is that it, I thought. All this over B12. Well, I never. I had a little research online, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. All my symptoms, there in black and white, were symptoms of having a vitamin B12 defiency.

Lethargy, yep. Mild depression, yep, Ridges in my nails, yep. Headaches, yep. Loss of appetite, I wish. I couldn’t believe that all this that has been going on for so long was down to having a lack of B12. Since my ‘diagnosis’, I have had to have six injections over the last two weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to start off my initial course of treatment. Now that they have been done, I have to have an injection every 12 weeks for the next two years, until they test me again. I do eat a lot of greens, however I have now been stepping it up and eating iron laden foods; eggs, red meat and fish. I know my diet isn’t amazing, as I am away so often but I really need to make more of a conscious effort to have more green veg in my diet as well as all my vitamins. And I am not doing Juice Plus! I have bought myself some meal replacement protein shakes for work, for the times when I know I won’t get a decent breakfast and I am making sure that I am eating a lot better than I was before. I am also going to make more of an effort to stop eating rubbish. Sorry chocolate and my homemade cupcakes, you’ve gotta go. Sad face.

All in all, I am hoping that I can report back in a few months time and know that I am firing on all cylinders again. I am so active in my head that it pains me to not want to do things, or cannot get the motivation to do it. Since my initial injections, I have been feeling a bit more alive and more willing to do things. Hey, I’m even getting dressed most days now! I’m so glad that I can look back and think that when I said I was tired, there was actually a reason for it. And I’m pretty annoyed with myself that I didn’t do anything about it sooner, but hey ho!

I’m sure many of you will read this and think ‘god, how boring’ but If this helps at least one person who has been in the same frame of mind that I have been in, then I will be happy that I published this. I know that since mentioning it on the old Facebook status, many of my work colleagues who have been feeling the same, have since been checked out. It maybe quite popular in my industry, it seems quite popular amongst pregnant woman, however if you are in doubt or concerned then see your GP.

Ps. Those injections hurt like a $^*$%£* so be warned. Bwahahaha evil cackle 😉

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