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SEO Saturday: Top Tips to Help Your Blog Grow

Welcome back to SEO Saturday. Sorry I’ve been MIA this last few weeks but I am back with some more SEO tips that will help in growing your blog and ultimately bringing in the traffic. Now, as I say each week, I am no expert however these tips are what I do on a regular basis and I have noticed results since doing so. So, lets get into it! If you do have any further questions, please do drop me an email and I will do my best to help out where I can!

Top Tips to Helping Your Blog Grow

Top Tip One: Make your blog mobile responsive

Google will be once again changing its algorithms around the 20th April and one of the main changes will be for websites to have mobile responsive themes. Most people these days use mobile devices to search the internet rather than laptops and PCs so to move with the times, Google will be rewarding those with mobile sites over those without. So, to stop being pushed down the list of where your site ranks, it is important to update your site.

Top Tip Two: Sign up with Google Webmaster Tools

Create a Gmail account for your blog or if you already have one for your G+ account, use that. By signing up, you’ll be able to verify your blog and in return, Webmaster Tools will be able to send information back to you on what they have collected. It will show any known issues, click impressions and sitemap issues. Any issues with broken links, slow responsive pages and errors all show up in here so I can take steps to fix or change any problems. A well run website will keep traffic coming back to it, than one that continuously has broken links or slow loading pages.

Top Tip Three: Submit an XML sitemap to Webmaster Tools

I put this off for such a long time as I just wasn’t sure what I was doing however I wish I had done it sooner. AN XML sitemap is a file that web crawlers can use to see the list of webpages that belong to your website, and in turn lets search engines understand how your site is organised when it is crawled. Sitemaps point Google to more of your content, so it helps in showing up in search engines.

Top Tip Four: Link back to yourself

With the majority of blog posts that I write, I always try and leave a link within the content to a post that I have previously written. It’s a really easy way of keeping people on your site and improving bounce rate, and by linking to an older post you are bringing traffic to posts that may not have been read. I do however try to make these links relevant as there is no point in talking about a new mascara and leaving a link to an old post on making a cake.

Top Tip Five: Relevant Anchor Text

This is a massive bug bear of mine and I hate it when I read a blog that says ‘MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo – link here’ with the ‘link here’ as the anchor text. Not only does it add unnecessary text into your post but you are actually penalising yourself when it comes to being search engine friendly. Say that you wrote a really good post and several other bloggers wanted to link to it in their blog post and they all used ‘Click here’ or ‘link here’. Google may think that this simple anchor text is suspicious as many people have linked to it by using the same words and that link may not have been obtained naturally, therefore ruining your search engine relevance. It’s always better to have keyword related anchor text.

Top Tip Six: Search Friendly URLs

My URLs for each blog post are always related to the blog post, as are my title headings. Although it may seem like a fun idea for a quirky heading and URL for that post, ask yourself just how many people will be searching for that specific phrase. Make it relevant! Notice how my heading for the post is the same as my URL, so if anyone does a search engine search of ‘Top Tips to Help Your Blog Grow’ then my blog post will show up in one of the search pages due to its relevance.

Top Tip Seven: Social Media Promotion

I think I’m going to do a longer separate post on this in the future as there is so much that I want to say but the main points are that Google uses Twitter to find new content and social sharing is the new link building. Tweets,RT’s, +1s on G+ and sharing on Facebook is seen as a non manipulated way of getting links. Great news!

Top Tip Eight: Image Optimisation

This is something that I have been doing since I started my blog, and although it started off as a pain, it has quickly become a day to day exercise that has had a huge impact on how my images show up in search engines, therefore leading to more traffic to my blog. Always name your pictures. No one is going to search for ‘image236-364-723’. Don’t overstuff with keywords and always use the ALT Text to describe your image. You have a picture of the YSL Touché Eclat Blur Perfector. Name it the ‘YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector’. Upload it to your blog and in the ALT Text put ‘YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector’. My image of said product appears as the third image on the first page of Google Image search. Simples.

Top Tip Nine: Keywords

Keywords within a blog post are what make it possible for people to find your blog or website through a search engine. The two most important places for your keywords to go are in the page header and the title tag. Keywords should look natural within your post so over stuffing your post is not recommended as it may look spammy. When I’m placing keywords within my posts, I usually work on ‘what would I search for?’ You can always go more in depth and use the Google Keyword Research tool, but that’s going to take a bit longer to explain.

Top Tip Ten: Content Will ALWAYS Be King

We always come back to it, but the best way to improve SEO is to keep on writing fresh new content that is relevant. I always write my blog posts whilst thinking ‘would people want to read this?’ SEO is becoming more human-friendly and less about stuffing posts with keywords. Whilst the technical stuff of meta data, keywords and your URL still matter a lot, Google’s algorithms want the most relevant content to rank. Rather than stuffing this post with keywords like ‘SEO’, i’m dropping in my ‘top tips to helping my blog grow’, as I believe that is what people will be searching for than just simply ‘seo’. It’s a no brainer really.

Thanks for sticking with me for this big long post and I hope that there are things within my Top Tips that will help! See you next week for more SEO Saturday. Catch up with my previous posts on Page Authority and Domain Authority and How to improve DA by clicking the links.

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