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SEO Saturday: How to increase your Domain Authority

Since my last post in the SEO Saturday series in which I explained PA and DA, there has been an update to both by Google and it has changed the figures again. Mine has gone back up 3 points which I’m very happy about so it may be worth checking to see if yours has improved. If you are still feeling frustrated that your DA hasn’t increased or that you still want to see a better improvement, then read on. Today I am going to look at how to increase your domain authority and those all important back links. First of all I would just like to point out that I am in no way an SEO expert but over the last eighteen months I have been working on the SEO of my blog and I have seen an increase across all statistics on my blog. These are my tips that have worked for me and I hope you find them helpful. Improving anything on your blog is not an overnight miracle, but something that takes time and effort before you start noticing results.

How to increase your Domain Authority

As I mentioned in last weeks post, Domain Authority is made up of three factors; age, size and popularity. There’s not a lot that you can do to improve the age of your blog other than to keep going with it. Age plays an important part as Google will favour older domains as they do have a bit more credibility and seen as more trustworthy than new blogs. It’s common sense really and as your blog gets older, not only will your credibility increase but your popularity will increase as well.

The popularity of your blog plays a huge part in increasing your DA. One way that I have found my DA increasing is from external links that link back to my site. If a website with a high DA links my domain on their domain then it says to Google that this popular website thinks my website is popular too. Back links are a great way of making your website look credible and worth promoting on the first few pages of a search engine. Getting back links from other websites should be natural and organic, and not bought or manipulated. Leaving comments on other peoples blogs with your blog link will not be a natural back link, and most comment systems are set up to create a no follow link for the purpose of Google indexing. (I’ll be writing more on No Follow and Do Follow links soon). Spamming your link will not increase your DA but it may possibly say to Google that your website is spam and can cause issues in the future.

On the positive side, leaving your blog link can be beneficial. First of all, the author of the blog will start to notice that you comment frequently and may return the favour on your blog. Other commenter’s may check out your link and find a fab new blog that they continue to follow and read. You may have a similar interest in lipstick and you write a post about the new Tom Ford collection and one of your new followers mentions in their blog post that you have written said post. And there it is. A natural organic back link that counts towards your popularity. Building up natural relationships makes a whole world of difference to building natural back links.

Other ways to build up your back links can be from guest posting. I have taken part in guest posting on other peoples blogs, as well as hosting guest posts on Anoushka Loves. The posts must be relevant to your niche as it’s pointless having a beauty blog and hosting a guest post on harvesting fruit. Your readers won’t click through to any links to the guest poster so it’s a pointless exercise.

A huge part of increasing your blog popularity is to create great content. I am a firm believer in writing articles that I would like to read myself. I find it off putting when I read blog posts of just a few sentences that don’t tell me any information or say that they ‘really like’ the product and it’s ‘really nice’. I’d rather not write a post than write drivel. Although some may say it’s not important, I like to read blog posts that are spelt correctly, have good grammar and a nice flow. This in turn makes me want to revisit the website, possibly share a post or two on social media in which the link is shared to my followers, driving traffic and thus improving domain authority.

Social Media is very important to my blog. It is my way of marketing my hard work and by sharing my link at various times throughout the day, I find that my traffic has increased. I don’t use all the social media outlets that are available but I would say, in order of traffic driving, that the most important ones to use are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. I ensure my link to my home page is visible on my social media accounts, my privacy is set to public so everyone can see and that I use good quality pictures to grab peoples attention.

Whilst you are increasing the popularity of your domain, you are also increasing the size of your domain. Each time you post your great content on a regular basis, you are building up how search engines view your site. Search engines favour quality content, which in turn gets the traffic and of course the back links. It all works hand in hand. Your domain does need to be indexed by Google in order for it rank your pages and to find where you sit in search engines. I would recommend using Webmaster Tools to ensure your content is being indexed without any errors.

These are all little things that you can do to help increase your DA and as I said before, it won’t happen overnight. Building relationships is the most important way to help with those all important back links. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see you next week for the next installment of SEO Saturday. I haven’t decided on a topic as of yet, so if you have any ideas then leave me a comment below.

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