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SEO Saturday: Social Media

In last weeks post for SEO Saturday, within my top tips I mentioned how social media is now working in your favour for SEO as it is on its way as being classed as link building. I had quite a response to this tip so I wanted to touch on it a little deeper and go further into what the Google algorithms are now picking up.

SEO and Social Media

I’ve been getting quite into SEO and looking at how Google is changing. I started blogging just under two years ago and I was absolutely clueless at anything SEO related. As time has gone on, I’ve found that I’ve been noticing these trends and changes and I really do try and move with the times and what’s new. One thing that I have noticed, especially recently, is that Google seems to be focussing on phrases and search terms as opposed to certain keywords, which in turn is putting a stop to the way people are wrongfully manipulating their seo and how they rank. With the loss of Google Authorship (a way of authorising who you were by linking back to your G+ profile), there is something in the pipeline on how authority of your links will be seen and I believe that social media platforms will be one of those factors in how you rank.

I touched upon how Google is using Twitter and Facebook to find relevant new content and I keep seeing Twitter pages and links shared within Twitter and Facebook consistently crop up in search engine terms. Now, it hasn’t been confirmed if it is definitely a case of these links being credible backlinks however if a post is going viral or has a lot of retweets, from a credible source then the algorithms will be picking up on this. It’s definitely one to bear in mind on how it can affect your page ranking as theoretically a credible source back link is good for your domain authority.

Social media does rank highly within search engine searches. If I Google ‘Anoushka Loves’ the only social media platform that doesn’t show on the first page is my Instagram profile, yet my Twitter and Facebook account are the first two results after my actual website. I think there is something to be said about the strength of pages like Twitter and Facebook, especially because they are the highest ranking websites in the world with huge domain authorities.

At some point Google will have to pick up on a different way to prove our authorship, especially now Google Authorship has been eradicated and social media platforms will be incorporated into how we rank before we know it. As with anything SEO related, great content is always key as that is what people want to see, share and praise.

As I have been researching this topic, I have been seeing a whole lot of conflicting advice and articles on what and what isn’t happening. At some point Google’s algorithms will be changing again and as social media is such a huge part of how we run our blogs and join in with the community, it’s worth just making sure that your social media accounts are tidy and up to date. I would be making sure that you get those blog names on each platform, regardless if you use it or not. All my social media accounts are Anoushka Loves, even YouTube which I do not partake in. I keep my personal Facebook profile separate to my blog’s Facebook page. I only have the one Twitter account under my blog name but I wouldn’t be worried about potential companies reading something that they didn’t wish to read. Build your following naturally, don’t be tempted in buying followers to try and make you look better as it’s a fruitless task – you’ll be conveying your hard work to fake profiles.

What do you think about social media influencing your page ranking in search engines?

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