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The Pink Cow Brand The Cream

I’m just going to put this out there, and it’s quite a statement. This, The Pink Cow Brand The Cream, is quite possibly the BEST cream I have ever put on my face, and believe me, I have tried a lot. It’s taken me quite a while to get round to writing this up as to be honest, I didn’t really believe that it was making much of a difference at first. Just another generic cream that promises the world, or so I thought. One evening, post transatlantic flying, where my poor, parched and shrivelled up skin needed some love and attention. I carried out my usual cleansing routine and applied a thicker layer than usual of The Cream before falling into bed and into a a deep sleep. I was expecting to look rough the following morning as I usually do after being on an aircraft for 12 hours but when I glanced in the mirror, I had to double take…

The Pink Cow Brand The Cream

The Pink Cow Brand has quite a story behind it, as well as a very intriguing ingredient. Developed by Denie Heistand, a dairy farmer from New Zealand turned creator of an all natural, pure skin care brand, The Pink Cow Brand uses formulas that aren’t filled with harmful additives that are linked to modern day illnesses, but focuses on the cell nourishing and life giving ingredients, such as the key ingredient colostrum.

The Pink Cow Brand The Cream

Colostrum is commonly associated breast milk of humans, however it is produced by all mammals prior to giving birth. The colostrum used in The Pink Cow Brand products is the first milk from happy, outdoor, grass-fed cows from New Zealand. Through research, I have found that the colostrum sourced from the cows are under the most stringent and ethical processes, including the ISO9001 standard. Only the over supply is collected from the mother cow to use in the products and NZ protocol means that the newborn calf stays with its mother for 24 hours and only after that is the excess colostrum collected for use in other products.Colostrum is usually produced for up to 72 hours after giving birth and cow colostrum is 200 times more powerful than the colostrum that humans produce. Colostrum isn’t milk, but the starter of life that our cells recognise and utilise throughout the body, to nourish and repair.

The Pink Cow Brand The Cream

I started off using The Pink Cow Brand The Cream back in April, and it is kept primarily in my long haul toiletry bag as I find that is when the cream is the most beneficial to me. The extra hydration and moisture that is put back in the skin from using the cream is amazing. My skin looks so plumped up and feels full of goodness, rather than dried up and shrivelled like it usually does. And, that’s after using moisturiser! It’s a very luxurious cream, and I prefer to use two to three pumps before bed, depending on how dry my skin feels. The pump actioned bottle dispenses just the right amount, and it also makes it easy for travelling. The scent of the cream isn’t particularly amazing to me, however it doesn’t smell like gone of milk or anything like that. I can’t pinpoint the scent exactly, but I can definitely smell vanilla. It’s a personal preference and not one that takes away from the goodness of the cream.

There’s a whole range of products in the The Pink Cow Brand, all containing the key ingredient of Colostrum. I’d be very tempted to try more of the brand, in particular the serums and eye creams. You can purchase The Pink Cow Brand in the UK and the The Pink Cow Brand The Cream retails at £39.99

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