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Sunday Pampering

You’re probably recoiling in shock at the fact that this is the second post today but do you know what – I have a lot of work to do and I’m having to double up on posting in order to get everything done. I have really enjoyed the break that I’ve taken over the last few months, and now that I’m getting back into the writing, I’m enjoying myself a lot more. I don’t feel like I’m forcing the words out and my passion for the prose has really hit me again. I do believe that when you take a step back and listen to what your body is telling you, things start to fall back into place. I’ve spent a long time pondering things lately, and most of my light bulb moments have come to me whilst I’ve been in one of my favourite places – the bath.

Sunday Pampering Aveda Pramasana Scalp cleanser, beautifying oil and damage repair treatment

Sunday Pampering Caudalie Divine Scrub

Sunday Pampering Glamglow flashmud Samaya cleanser

A chance to sit and relax in peace and quiet with just my thoughts and maybe an episode of Gilmore Girls on the iPad, I love to let the Laura Mercier bubbles and Aveda Beautifying Oil lull me into a serene state. It’s a chance to completely switch off, and the ideal opportunity to utilise the beauty products that need time to work. My weekly hair detox using the Aveda Pramasana Detoxifying Scalp Cleanser is such a great product for the end of week chill. As my hair is generally made up of dry shampoo, I do need a good clarifying product once a week to remove build up and purify my scalp. Not only has it helped in strip my scalp from all the dry shampoo, but it’s made a significant difference in pulling out this stubborn green tinge that is still in my hair. It also makes my hair behave a lot better after washing. Once rinsed out, a quick shampoo before using the Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment to smooth and strengthen my hair.

A deep cleanse of the hair, and a deep cleanse of the skin sets me up for the week. My current cleanser is an ayurvedic cleanser packed full of botanical extracts such as rose, tumeric, Tulsi and Ashwaganda. Samaya is a new brand, and I haven’t heard anything but good reviews about the gentle yet effective skincare products that they create. The brand is quite pricey, and the cleanser comes in at £69 but my god, it’s so worth it. I have been using this daily for around 3 weeks now, and I doesn’t even look like I’ve made a dent in it. The smallest amount is needed to remove everything from your skin including stubborn mascara. It’s so gentle, but yet it dissolves everything due to the formulation that feels like an oil based cream that melts into a milk. I’m using Samaya Vata Cleanser which smells like Turkish Delight and is incredibly hydrating for a cleanser.

I use face masks frequently, but my once a week treat has to be the Glamglow FLASHMUD. I have been using Glamglow for a good few years now and I have a deep rooted love for the original YOUTHMUD which tingles on your skin before drawing out impurities and leaving skin feeling supersmooth. I used to use the Glamglow YOUTHCLEANSE Mud to Foam cleanser which I loved, but I’ve not seen it in the UK. However, now that my skin is looking fresh and clean, it just needs a tiny boost to look super bright and luminescent and Glamglow FLASHMUD is just perfect for a once weekly skin toning. Unlike the YOUTHMUD, this doesn’t tingle on the skin but feels quite calm and soothing instead.

You can’t wash away your troubles in the bath without washing away dead and dry skin cells, so my weekly ritual involves a good old slough with the Caudalie Divine Scrub. Not only does is smell insanely good, but this has to be my favourite scrub because it doesn’t leave a mess in the bottom of the bath and my skin feels brand new once I’ve finished. I love that it’s made from brown sugar crystals and a blend of oils which really becomes apparent when you’ve used it. After you’ve worn tights and trousers all week for work and your legs are looking a tad scaly, they end up looking like supermodel legs post bath. It’s that good. If you haven’t tried this, you need to because it’s the bomb.

Sunday pamper complete, and there’s only one more thing to do. Fresh pj’s, fresh bedding and a good nights sleep. Enjoy!

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