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The Starting Off Project *Week Six* Mascara

Mascara, mascara, mascara. One item that is a necessity yet if applied incorrectly can look so very wrong. The Starting Off Project has reached the mascara week and I’ve been so looking forward to this week.

Mascara is an item of makeup that I never ever leave the house without. It makes you look awake and can open up the smallest of eye. It is available in several colours so you can be as creative as you like. You can mascara your top and bottom lashes for more dramatic look and you can use lash curlers to enhance your peepers even more.


Mascara is very easy to apply however take your time to make sure you don’t end up with spider lashes!
After you have removed the wand from the mascara tube, wipe of any excess with a tissue or on the rim of the tube. I take ages on my lashes, starting by placing the wand at the base of my lashes and in a zig-zag motion wiggle the wand through my lash. Use the tip of the wand to catch any smaller lashes in the inner corners and leave to dry before applying a second coat, if needed. Your mascara shouldn’t need to be applied to your lashes from the top as this technique should coat all of your lashes perfectly. Applying mascara from the top and brushing down just flattens your lashes and goes against the look we are after; wide eyed and luscious! It is perfectly normal to make a funny face whilst putting your mascara on, after all you are concentrating! I very rarely wear mascara on my lower lashes, however when I do I literally tickle my lashes with the mascara to lightly coat them.

2013-09-30 10.32.11

A word of advice girlies. Spider lashes or looking like you have four eyelashes is not cool. Take your time and allow the coats to dry and do not wear more than three coats of mascara. And only wear three coats if you’re on a night out!

Mascara can be purchased in several colours. If you are feeling adventurous, try a neon turquoise or electric blue. A brown is perfect for daytime and clear is ideal for the natural look, or if you’re at school.

2013-08-02 12.38.34

Waterproof mascara is available for those who want something a bit more durable. It is harder to remove so make sure you have a good eye make up remover.

Mascara should last you around 8 weeks if you wear it daily. Because of the lifespan of a mascara and how much I use, I very rarely buy an expensive mascara. My absolute favourite is the L’Oreal Million Eyes Black Excess, £10.99. When it starts drying up, I get a few extra days out of it by standing the tube in a cup of hot water to loosen up the mascara inside the tube. Also when you are applying your mascara never pump the product in the tube. Make sure the wand is coated inside by swirling the applicator. If you pump it, the product will just get pushed to the bottom of the tube and its such a waste. Also, if you find a new mascara to be too liquidy at first, simply leave the wand out of the tube for 15 minutes or so. It will dry it up enough for it to be workable.


I love the comb on this mascara. The Excess version contains carbon pigments to make the mascara even blacker. Be aware of fall out from the product when wearing this!


They’re Real by Benefit has a great applicator that is shaped to pick up even the smallest of lashes, creating a doe eyed look.


The latest offering from Barry M is Lash Vegas. I’ll get a review up soon. I got mine for free when I spent £9 in Superdrug on Barry M so why don’t you treat yourself to the new Matte nail varnishes and get a free mascara!

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