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Pore Perfecting Makeup

I’ve been in two minds about how to write this post because I have a real love-hate relationship with my pores. There’s no getting over the fact that we have them, and some are larger than others, but they’re there and we need to deal with them. There is no product on this earth that will make them disappear. We can do all the skincare products that we can to reduce the look of them, but they will ultimately always be there. I think as I’ve grown older, and a little bit wiser, I have come to the conclusion that my flaws should be celebrated. After all, we don’t look like the over filtered and over Facetuned images that we see on Instagram in real life. Real skin, real life, real pores. I don’t have any issue with my real skin showing. Sure, we would all love to look flawless, but for me, it’s more about enhancing the beauty and assisting with making the most of what you’ve got. I’ve pulled together a few products that I have been using lately which are all classed as pore perfecting makeup, when in fact, they’re much more than that.

Pore Perfecting Makeup

Pore Perfecting Makeup Benefit The POREfessional

Pore Perfecting Makeup Elizabeth Arden Flawless Primer

With any pore perfecting makeup, I think The POREfessional springs to mind straight away. I have been through numerous tubes of The POREfessional, and although I have tried other items from the Pore perfecting range, I always go back to the original. It has been a good friend to me over the years, and I find that it is one of the only silicone based primers that doesn’t collect oil under neath it when I’m wearing it. I use the smallest amount on my nose and cheeks, as that’s where I find my pores to be the largest and I only use it when I want a flawless base – usually when I’m going out. I do also use the Agent Zero Shine from the collection to keep my face free from oil during the day.

I really don’t give Elizabeth Arden enough credit sometimes. Yes, I cannot live without the 8 Hour range, and the Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is a miracle in a bottle, but I hardly bring it to the blog. That’s going to change, and I think after you’ve heard about the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer, you’re going to want one. The silkiest and smoothest primer that I have ever tried, it blurs out the skin in a way that you can’t place what has just happened to your skin. It’s like a veil of youthfulness. Skin is perfected, looks clear and healthy and I love to use this when I’m not wearing any makeup. Again, it evens out the skin so pores do look minimised and it also helps with fine lines. It’s probably one of the best primers that I’ve used ever, with Hourglass Veil coming behind it. A strong statement, sure but I feel this primer so much.

Pore Perfecting Makeup Clarins Pore Perfect Mattifying Foundation

Pore Perfecting Makeup Pore Perfect Mattifying Foundation

Pore Perfecting Makeup Clarins Mattifying Kit

Pore Perfecting Makeup Too Faced Primed and Poreless

New in from Clarins, the Pore Perfecting Mattifying Foundation. There has been some controversy as this has been sold as a replacement for the Ever Matte foundation, and sadly it is no where the formula or coverage. As a stand alone product I do find that with it having such a silicone based formulation that I have to use it as a primer or mixed with a mattifying lotion to make more of a liquid consistency for a foundation. It’s very thick on it’s own, and it really does do the job but I don’t look at it as a foundation, more of a tinted primer. It definitely works in terms of blurring out skin tone and making skin look even but as a foundation, I wouldn’t recommend. It’s such a shame really as the red clay formula really has an impact in minimising oil. It definitely depends on how you use it.

An absolute winner from Clarins is the Pore Perfecting Mattifying Kit. This little beauty has been my handbags best friend, and whilst we have been having this muggy warm weather, I’ve found that I have been getting the most horribly wet face when I’ve been out and about. It’s horrible isn’t it? White clay translucent powder can be used to set the face back in place, whilst the handy fragrance and powder free blotting papers hidden under the cosmetic sponge mattifying without disturbing makeup. The blotting papers are a lot nicer than the little book of blot papers that I used to keep in my school blazer pocket. I think they used to be from The Body Shop and they smelt all powdery like old ladies. It’s a definite buy from me.

The Too Faced Primed and Poreless pressed powder is another winning product. I’ve spoken about my love of the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, and I love to pair it with Primed and Poreless. A multi use pressed powder that can be used underneath foundation as a primer, a setting powder, alone without makeup or for bringing life back into worn in makeup. It has that candlelight glow effect that smooths out skin with a soft focus, and minimises pores and imperfections.

With each and every one of these products, I find that the skin smoothing properties of them rank much higher than wanting to make my pores look diminished. It’s the soft focus and blurring effect that I’m ultimately after, and I think any one of these products does have that effect. I’m totally crushing on the Clarins Kit and the Too Faced Primed and Poreless. Definite makeup bag essentials.

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