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My Must Have Beauty Treatments

As a girl, we have a lot to do to keep ourselves looking preened to perfection. I don’t think the boys realise just how easy they have it! Life is a constant cycle of hair, nails, lashes and the more intimate treatments that not only make us look good, but feel good as well. I spend a lot of time and money on my hair and especially now I have limited movement, I need someone else to help keep my hair looking at it’s best, so more frequent trips to Barn//It in Manchester will be occurring. I have three other beauty treatments that I keep on top of frequently and I don’t feel myself if I don’t have them done.

I’ve been wearing acrylic nails for decades and I’m not 100% sure what my actual nails look like and would be like if I left them to grow on their own. I don’t like my hands without wearing acrylics as I feel that they make my fingers look longer and slimmer and they are a lot more hard wearing than my natural nails. As my nails grow so fast, I have my nails done around every 2 to 3 weeks, and I’ve not had a new full set for quite sometime as my infills have been of such good quality that they’ve literally grown through the tips and are now just acrylic. I have a special blend of acrylic powder using a blush, nude and white for a really clean nail colour and although I usually wear them bare with just a clear gloss top coat, I sometimes like a change. I loved the tinkerbell fairy wings sparkle that I had done at Top Notch Salon in Eccles. It got so many compliments and looks so pretty with my choice of jewellery. Top Notch Salon is a favourite salon of mine, and Jacquii is the most accommodating owner. With a range of beauty treatments available from hair, tans and waxing, there’s plenty of choice to suit your needs.

I go through phases with my lashes and I either love them au naturel, or hate them and want either lash extensions which generally get on my nerves after the first week and I want to rip them all out. A treatment which I’ve had before is the Nouveau Lashes LVL Lashes which is a lash uplift and curl. Since LVL Lashes are becoming more and more popular, other brands are bringing out their own lash lift products. I tried the EVL Lashes by Lisa Ryan at Escape Spa and I’ve loved them. Using lash shields which are more gentle than perming rods, a perming solution is applied to the lifted lashes before a tint to give lashes that lease of life. I was really impressed with just how lifted my lashes were and over a month later, they still have a very definite curl. In fact, they are so curled that I’m having problems getting my false lashes on properly!

My Must Have Beauty Treatments Lisa Ryan Escape Spa EVL Lashes

My Must Have Beauty Treatments Lisa Ryan Escape Spa EVL Lashes

My Must Have Beauty Treatments Spa Satori Northern Quarter Manchester

I go through phases with my legs and most of the time I end up succumbing to getting the razor and whipping off the hair in the shower. Just before I went away on holiday, I settled for a leg and under arm wax at Spa Satori, based in the Northern Quarter in Manchester. A relaxing and beautiful little salon that also happens to be across the road from the Cat Café. It was a pretty nippy February day when I went in for my treatment, and being offered a hot drink and given a heated pillow for my neck to relax me when I went in was just fabulous. The wax itself took around 45 minutes with the legs being done using the tea tree wax strips and a hot wax for underarms. I think the thought of waxing is more painful than it actually is, and I didn’t really have any discomfort whilst it was being done. My under arms were quite sensitive for a few days afterwards which is to be expected considering it’s a sensitive area. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve had my wax and with the current situation with my back, I haven’t actually been able to shave my legs and I’m currently sporting a more natural leg. Good news is, there’s not a great deal there. They have grown back a little bit darker, and a little bit haywire but I’ve had no ingrowing hairs or problems with regrowth. However, I am in desperate need to get them done again. The shame!

Have you any must have treatments? I’m always looking to try new things – what should I try next?

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