My first Lush Cosmetics Haul!

Can you believe that I have never purchased any bath products from Lush before? Where have I been?! Lush Cosmetics are huge in the Bloggersphere and there are hundreds of Lush haul posts weekly from so many of my favourite bloggers. I decided I needed to be part of this world and add bath ballistics and bubble bars to my minuscule collection of a Lush lipstick. I asked Twitter for some inspiration and armed with names of products, I headed to Lush in Bury to have a tutorial in Lush bath products.

Lush Cosmetics Bath Ballistics Bubble Bars Bury Easter

Lush Cosmetics Bath Ballistics Bubble Bars Bury Easter

The girls in the Bury store were just so good. I got a full run down of how different products worked, what the differences were and depending on my personal taste, the best fragrances and overall effects. I was shown Secret Garden in a bowl of hot water, and I loved it so much that it went straight into my basket. The overall effect of green water, with a super smooth body oil rose petals was just so pretty.

Lush Cosmetics Bath Ballistics Bubble Bars Bury Easter

I picked up a few bits to start me off and as I’ve seen many more that I liked, I’m sure I will be back. I got a Secret Garden, The Golden Egg, The Immaculate Eggception and The Comforter Bubble Bar. As it stands, I have used both The Secret Garden and The Golden Egg so far, which I absolutely adored.

Lush Cosmetics Bath Ballistics Bubble Bars Bury Easter

Although I do find them to be slightly more pricier than what I would tend to spend on bath products, I think they will be a regular fixture in my life. After using the Golden Egg last night, I woke up feeling moisturised, soft and smooth without using an additional moisturiser and for me, this is just perfect. I will do a full review on the Golden Egg soon.

Whats your favourite Lush product?

  • I love Lush products! You should try the Dorothy bubble bar if you like baths. I haven’t tried the golden egg but it sounds good – might give it a try! x

  • Welcome to the Lush fan club :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • Melissa Z (@fruitycherries7)

    yay for your first time in lush , i tried the golden egg last week and i totally love it !
    gorgeous pictures hun x
    Melissa | TheInkedBlonde

  • Erin

    Looks like you got some fun things! Lush’s bath products are too expensive for my taste, but I really enjoy a lot of their skincare products. Happy bathing!

  • I’m always shocked when I come across someone who’s never bought Lush! I still remember the first time I found it, about 10 years ago! My favourite? I have 2! Avobath ballistic has a really zingy scent and Soft Coeur – it’s a massage bar but I use it as a moisturiser after I have a bath. Just rub it across your skin and massage in.

  • The golden egg looks so amazing! I must try it! xx

  • LUSH products are quite pricey, but they make such a lovely treat. Golden Egg freaks me out a little – so much glitter! The Easter Range is amazing this year. I have used a few Fluffy Eggs & recommend them for a relaxing bath

  • I love Lush and am lucky enough to live just up the road from their HQ. As you know I really want a golden egg!!!! Xxx

  • Stacey

    I want that golden egg!! The liquid lipsticks from Lush are lovely xx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  • Ashly Eyler

    I LOVE Lush! They are definitely higher priced, but I have yet to be disappointed in their products. I’m a huge fan of their bath fizzies and body massage bars; they melt like butter in your hands and onto your skin!

    • I’m looking forward to trying all of these things!!xx