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L’Oreal Ever Pure

Every time I finish a shampoo and conditioner, I always buy a new brand or product so my hair doesn’t get too used to it. Over the years I have found that I definitely have a preference for L’Oreal hair care as I find it leaves my hair soft and silky. The new Ever ranges that were released in the Summer caught my eye, especially the Ever Pure range that stated they contained no sulphates. I’ve been a lot more aware of nasties in products since I have started blogging, so I have tried to become a bit more conscious of ingredients in my beauty items.

Ever Pure states that the range is a ‘non-sulphate cleansing system, indulgent care to help protect over processed, dry, coloured hair’. It also has a natural, almost organic scent of botanical rosemary and juniper oils, which also nourish and condition hair.


I’ve been using Ever Pure Shampoo and conditioner for about 12 weeks or so now, so I am almost at the end of the bottles. I’ve noticed that my hair feels very conditioned and looks very shiny after use, and feels a little bit stronger than normal. Whilst my hair is wet it isn’t difficult to brush through. I naturally lose a few hairs due to wearing my hair up for work all the time so I have noticed a huge difference in the amount I lose, and that it has definitely reduced. Also, I don’t get the fluffy head look as much after I’ve been using Ever Pure. Sleek, smooth hair is always a winner in my book.

With having coloured hair, one thing I do find is that certain shampoos and conditioners leave my highlights with a brassy tone and sometimes I feel that I get a product build up at the root. Since using Ever Pure, my hair has stayed unclogged with no product build up, and my highlights are as white as they were intended.

2013-10-20 11.29.08

L’Oreal Ever Pure is staying firmly on my repurchase list, and i’m thinking about trying the Ever Riche part of the range next. Well done L’Oreal!

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