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Evening Skincare Additions for Dehydrated Skin

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit MIA lately, and although I’ve had so much blog motivation, I have had zero time to sit down and compose my posts. I’ve been working my little socks off lately and with the school holidays, my workload has been quite intense. Thankfully the little darlings will be back in school this week and it should give me some quality down time to get back up to speed with things. Due to the amount of flying hours I have been clocking up, it has had quite an effect on my skin and I seem to be suffering with dehydrated skin more than ever. I’ve put together a little selection of my evening skincare additions for dehydrated skin, and I’m pleased to say that they’ve all worked together to put some much needed moisture back into my face.

Skincare sukin time bomb marula hyalamide Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

I’m flitting between two cleanser at the moment, the Liz Earle Jasmine and Osmanthus Cleanse & Polish and Rodial Super food Stemcell Cleanser. Two fantastic products that leave my skin feeling fresh, clean and radiant. Post cleansing however is where the magic is happening, and I’ve been focusing on hydrating products and richer creams. I’ve found a great hydrating toner by Sukin, which retails for around £8. The Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner retails for around £8 and although I have been using it in my evening routine, I’ve decanted some into a spray bottle to take to work for an instant pick me up. The chamomile and rosewater blend smells incredible and it soothes my skin, whilst giving a burst of hydration.

Sukin hydrating mist toner

I’ve struck the jackpot in finding the Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum. This 30ml bottle is like liquid gold for the skin. Packed full of hyaluronic complexes, peptides and biotechnologies, the science behind it is quite overwhelming to read, however it’s the five forms of hyaluronic compounds that are fixing my skin back to its natural state. The dehydrated areas around my chin and nose have really cleared up and it’s not only making my skin feel better but look better. I went out with no makeup on whilst I was away, and received several compliments on how fresh and healthy my skin looked. That to me is worth any price tag. I’m seriously blown away with Hylamide and I am going to try some other products from the range soon.

Hylamide SubQ Anti Age Serum

As an extra skincare treat, I have been using the Marula Facial Oil several times a week. It’s quite a good product, in that it is rich enough to use as a moisturiser, and can also be used before applying make up without disturbing my foundation and leaving a matte finish. Although it has been used mainly on my face, I like to use Marula on my neck. I’m starting to see signs of ageing on my neck and it’s a highly concentrated oil such as this has been targeting those lines especially around my throat. It was also a great tonic for the sunburn on my forehead, which thankfully didn’t lead to any peeling or soreness.

Marula Facial Oil

I have a huge love for Time bomb Cosmetics and every product I have tried has been fabulous on my skin, so choosing a new night time moisturiser was easy. With hydration and anti-ageing in mind, I had read that the Time Bomb Cosmetics Flashback night cream was more of a treatment than a cream. What originally drew me to Flashback was the statement that it acts like a paraffin wax hand treatment for your face. I have regular paraffin wax treatments when I get my mani-pedis and I love how my skin looks and feels. The cream acts like a barrier on my skin, and leaves almost a film across it, trapping in all the moisture and active ingredients within the cream. My skin looks visibly plumped up in the morning, like I’ve had a good 12 hours sleep.

Time Bomb Cosmetics Flashback Night Cream

Finally, an eye serum that has been coined as a ‘facelift in a bottle’. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Contra Time Superlift Eye Serum designed to revitalise the eye area. Late nights and long flights have been giving me dark circles and puffiness and the cooling, soothing serum has really helped diminish my issues. It is quite rich in formula and scent but light when applied and patted in. I use it around the full eye contour and under eye, and most noticeably to myself is the difference in the puffiness and colour of the under eye area. The serum melts easily into the skin, and doesn’t cause any sensitivity considering its richness. Contra Time is fragranced with Joan Collins best selling I Am Woman fragrance, but it isn’t overpowering by any means. I absolutely love it, and the packing looks very luxurious on my dresser.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Contra Time

I’m so pleased in how my skin is looking and feeling at the moment, and I have found some truly stand out products to add to my routine. What skin care could you not live without?

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