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Blogmas 2015 Day 9: Glitter Lips Ruby Slippers

Nothing screams Christmas more than red lipstick and glitter. So, what if there was a lip product that was essentially a glitter lipstick? Well, you know that I’d be all over that for the festive season. Now, a red lip is Christmas staple to me and I am often found binge wearing colours such a L’Oreal Blake’s Red, Tom Ford Cherry Lush and lately, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Candy Apple. Now, although they are amazing colours, I need something else that will pack a punch, last all night and of course, be a total statement piece. Bring in Glitter Lips in the shade Ruby Slippers and we are really going places.

Glitter Lips are a relatively new business who have come up with an innovative and amazing way to wear glitter on your lips with long lasting staying power, shine and drama. Since their launch, Glitter Lips have been going from strength to strength and getting the recognition that they deserve for having a truly stand out product that I not only love, but want to invest all my money in by buying every single colour available. Sparkling Rosé, you are next!

The concept is a simple one. In each box of Glitter Lips you get an applicator, a Glitter Lips Gloss Bond and a pot of your chosen glitter. The glitter is a premium quality and both glitter and gloss bond are safe enough to eat, which I don’t suggest doing. To create perfect glittery lips, then all you need to do is follow these easy steps.

Glitter Lips Ruby Slippers

Glitter Lips Ruby Slippers

Glitter Lips Ruby Slippers

Working on one lip at a time, coat the lip with the Glitter Lips Gloss Bond. You don’t need to saturate your lips with the bond, and take time painting around your cupids bow. Wait for it to turn from white to clear.
Dampen the sponge applicator to help pick up the glitter and reduce excess waste and pat the glitter onto the gloss bond covering the lip evenly.
If you can feel any sticky patches then gently pat more glitter onto the lip until you can’t feel any tackiness.
With the brush end of the applicator, brush away any excess glitter and dust over and around the lips to pick up any glitter that hasn’t adhered.

Gorgeous glittery lips in minutes that are proven to last at least 8 hours. The first time I wore these was for the HOOP Charity Ball, and they lasted for 9 hours even after an evening of dining and drinking. In fact, I still struggled to get them off when I got home. Baby oil or an oil based make up remover is the remover of choice for the Glitter Lips and a good lip balm afterwards helps lips to stay in good condition.

Glitter Lips are available in a range of 17 shades which are all amazing and each pack of Glitter Lips contains at least 25 applications, all for just £12.50 from Beauty Boulevard. Take a look at the full range and let me know your favourite shade.

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