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Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Lipgloss

I’ve been looking at my small make up collection lately and trying to pull out some products that deserve a bit more recognition because of just how good they are. I think it’s a great accolade to give certain products that Holy Grail status and aside from my Hourglass Mineral Veil, I don’t really hold anything else in such high esteem. Except now. Now, I have been falling in love with one of the best bronzers that I have ever used. Sheer, lightweight and buildable; Benefit Hoola has been transforming me from English rose to bronzed Californian tan in an swish of a brush.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Lipgloss

First of all, let me mention the packaging. I’ve been a very lucky girl and have had a very special personalised Benefit Hoola made for me. The personalisation was available to everybody, however it has since stopped but I’m hopeful that due to its success that it will be available again soon. Aside from the personalisation, the box is the same as the rest of the Benefit Box O’Powders and now features a hinged lid rather than the old style lift off lids. The boxes do have a tendency to get a bit tatty in your handbag so I try and keep it within a make up bag rather than just throwing it in to mingle with my keys and purse.

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Benefit Hoola weighs in at 8g of non shimmery matte bronziness. I find it quite difficult to find matte bronzers, they all seem to packed full of shimmer which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes I want to shape and define rather than just getting happy with a fluffy bronzing brush. With the powder being matte, it makes it into a multi functional product that can bronze as well as contour. I was once told that you should never contour with a bronzer and although that kind of correct, it depends on the bronzer in question. A muddy, orange toned shimmery bronzer makes a dreadful contour but a flat, matte, sheer bronzer like Hoola makes light work of contouring. I find that the brush that’s included within the box is really good shape for creating sharp cheekbones.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Lipgloss

I keep mentioning the sheerness of Hoola but it’s for good reason. It means it’s suitable for all skin tones, and for those with a deeper skin tone like myself, I can use it as a wash of colour or for my super tanned and bronzed look that I have been wearing lately. I like to use a big fluffy brush like my Marc Jacobs The Bronzer or a MAC 150 for finely distributing the colour and to avoid that oompa loompa look. I always tap off any excess onto the back of my hand before applying to my face. It’s easier to build up than it is to remove too much product from your face.

To finish off my bronzed goddess look, Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush works perfectly for that golden nude pout. It has quite a sweet scent to it that reminds me of vanilla cupcakes. It’s a really comfortable lip gloss to wear with its non sticky texture and silky finish. Like most glosses, it doesn’t last for a particularly record breaking time but it’s a lip gloss and I’m not expecting miracles. I love the hint of a tint and subtle shimmer with the ultra shine finish that it leaves.

It’s no wonder that Benefit Hoola is the number one, best selling bronzer in the UK. I certainly can’t get enough of it!

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