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Bella Bellissima, The House of Unique Parfum

Whilst I was at the launch night for Selfridges The Beauty Project, I was absolutely delighted to meet Bella Crane, the creative genius behind Bella Bellissima. It was the first time I had been made aware of Bella Bellissima, and what a perfect way to be introduced to the brand and by Bella herself. Bella is an incredible woman, with an eye for detail and a nose for picking the most beautiful combinations of scents to combine to make some of her, and Selfridges, top selling fragrances. As each fragrance was explained to me, I could see the pride emanating from Bella as she took me through each parfum and its notes. It was so amazing to hear Bella explain in detail, whilst guiding me through the journey that Bella Bellissima has taken to make it to Selfridges top three best selling lines. Bella trained in Paris and Grasse, and launched Bella Bellissima six years ago, starting off with four unique scents. Bella Bellissima is exclusive to Selfridges, and both the store and website carry the full range.

Bella Bellissima

Bella Bellissima first started with The Perfect Range, with four signature fragrances for men and women. Perfect Day and Perfect Night Eau de Parfum can be worn alone or layered together to create a intoxicating, unusual fragrance that is sensual and feminine. Perfect Man and Perfect Man Alternative colognes are sexy, masculine and irresistible. What I noticed about Perfect Man and Perfect Man Alternative is that the fragrances were bold and also wearable for a woman. Any excuse to steal my mans cologne! The Perfect Range is £48 for 50ml.

From the Perfect Range, the Collection was born and this collection is unisex throughout. I really love the idea that all the fragrances can be worn on either gender. The multi faceted distinctive scents are truly wonderful, and each individual scent in the range uses the finest rare essences. Within the Collection are the Eau de Parfum Exquisite, Refined and No 3 which are priced at £74 for 100ml and Vetiver Spice in the Eau de Parfum Intense, £82 for 100ml.

The Signature Collection is an exclusive collection created just for Selfridges to be sold worldwide. Within the collection are Velvet Santal, which has also been recommended by Armand Beasley as his top ten products in last weeks post, Majestic Cedar, Orris Florentine and Riviera Lime. Velvet Santal and Majestic Cedar are £96 for 50ml, whilst Orris Florentine and Riviera Lime are £110 for 50ml.

Bella Bellissima

The final collection within the Bella Bellissima range is without a doubt my favourite. From the moment I was taken on the fragrance journey of the Essence Of Oud, I fell in love with one fragrance in particular. It’s total love with this collection! The Essence Of Oud is a dark, seductive collection, using pure agarwood oil – the secret Wood of the Gods. It is definitely an aphrodisiac, with the Eastern influences and rare spices combined with delicate floral notes. Whilst wearing the Essence Of Oud, I had four people stop me and ask me where my fragrance was from and that I smelt divine. That for me is a good indication that Essence Of Oud needs to be in my collection!

Bella Bellissima

The collection is made up with the Eau de Parfum in Precious Amber, Arabian Rose, Royal Saffron, Black Ebony and my true love White Leather, priced at £108 for 50ml. Noble Incense, Ruby and Emerald are £148 for 50ml and finally Blue Diamond, £168 for 50ml. You can buy the full set in a special edition box exclusive at Selfridges.

I just want to talk a little bit more about White Leather, as it really is a magical scent. Out of all the fragrances that I smelt that evening, White Leather stood out to me the most. Not only is a a divine scent, filled with heart notes of white cedar, orris root, Midnight Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli, the base notes of sexy leather, Sandalwood, Amber, Moss and vanilla left a long lasting impression on my skin. Even when I woke up the next morning, I could still smell the fragrance on my bedding. The top notes of White Guava blossom, cedar leaves and aromatic green agreste are so unique, yet light and fruity, until they settle down into the more seductive base notes. It really is a truly wonderful fragrance that I will be treating myself too as soon as I can.

if you haven’t tried any of the fragrances by Bella Bellissima, then I urge you to head to Selfridges and try them all. Bellas has a wonderful team of specially trained staff working within Selfridges who will be able to use their expertise to guide you into choosing your most perfect fragrance.

‘We now have an incredibly diverse range of fragrances to be worn alone or layered. My motivation has always been to ensure that each and every fragrance in the collection embodies truly creative perfume making.’
– Bella Crane

If you would like to see a breakdown of all the individual scents and their notes, then please let me know!

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