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Bella Bellissima Essence of Oud White Leather

I’ve been putting off writing this post for such a long time, and it is for purely selfish reasons. See, the thing is, I’ve found my signature scent. It’s taken me such a long time to find a fragrance that is more than perfect for me. A fragrance that lingers around and scents my clothes, my house and leaves a trail so people can pinpoint that I have been there. A fragrance that people stop me to ask me ‘what are you wearing’.It is my absolute one true love and although I wear other perfumes, I can’t tear myself away from Bella Bellissima Essence of Oud White Leather.

Bella Bellissima White Leather Parfum

Last Summer I met the creator and genius of Bella Bellissima, the lovely Bella Crane, who introduced me to her fragrance line in detail. From the moment I first smelt White Leather I had an instant connection to scent and have worn is ever since. The Essence of Oud Collection is a range of eight fragrances; Precious Amber, Arabian Rose, Black Ebony, Royal Saffron, Ruby Oud, Emerald Oud, Noble Incense and White Leather. As I have previously mentioned, White Leather stood out to me from the moment I smelt it and it hooked me in to its seductive darkness.

White Leather is a unisex fragrance that would fit into the woody oriental group. The top notes of virgina cedar, green notes, iris, jasmine and guava sparkle onto the skin in the sweetest but non overpowering way. The intenseness of the tropical guava reminds me of jelly beans, sweet but not sickly but very intoxicating. White Leather settles into heart notes of rose and patchouli with the luxurious and elegant aromas of agarwood, sandalwood and amber swirling together. The creaminess of vanilla sweetens the scent without making it overpowering and all the while, soft leather and that hit of tropical sweetness mingle together. It’s rich and refined, classy and grown up. I love it!

Bella Bellissima Essence of Oud White Leather

You can tell from the longevity that only the highest quality ingredients have been used and it really is so long lasting; White Leather wear time for me is around 8 hours. I usually give myself just two squirts of White Leather, otherwise it becomes too strong and overwhelming. Throughout the course of the day, as the fragrance warms down the scent does not leave, it just develops into the most wonderful scent.

For the dressing table, White Leather is a beautiful addition to my display. I keep mine in its signature box, with its luxe gold detailing and tassle. The bottle itself is made from French glass and adorned with gold plated decor. Its simply beautiful.

Bella Bellissima Essence of Oud White Leather

Bella Bellissima Essence of Oud White Leather is available in a 50ml bottle and it is exclusive to Selfridges. If you are close to a Selfridges store, it is worth going in to speak to the highly trained staff who will help you find your perfect fragrance from the Bella Bellissima line. I’m due a visit soon as I would like to add Emerald Oud to my Bella Bellissima collection – a pink pepper, saffron, amber and oud blend. Gorgeous!

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