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On the Bathroom Shelf – Summer Skincare

Now that my skin is finally behaving, it’s been absolute heaven to be able to add some more intense products back into the mix. I have quite a few things to show, but I will be spread it out over the next few weeks so you’re not bombarded with information as I do think that skincare can start to get a bit tricky. My goal for my summer skincare is to create a clear complexion with no blemishes, to combat dehydration and have a smooth surface. I’m not that fussed about dealing with large pores, as at 34, I have come to terms with facts that no matter what I do, they will not change. I’m also still not that bothered about tackling anti ageing because I don’t really need to. Aside from a few laughter lines, I have zero wrinkles. To my hydration is the most important, alongside keeping a smooth tone. The five products I’ve put together today, only four of them have been used religiously myself, whilst the fifth has been reviewed by my sister.

Whilst having some issues with my skin, I was so upset when I had to strip it all back as it meant that I had to stop using my beloved Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic. I must have at least 5 unopened bottles where I’ve stockpiled them in case of emergency. Back in 2013, I first started to use this gentle exfoliating toner after it became so hyped up that I couldn’t resist. Whilst using my first bottle, I noticed how my skin was changing slowly, and I started to get some unsightly raised bumps under the skin. No cause for concern as it was just my skin changing to embrace the fruit based acids in the formulation and once the bump phase had passed, my skin turned into the most healthiest looking skin. Four years of use and many repurchases later, I know and trust that Pixi Glow Tonic does it’s job. It’s formulated without alcohol so I don’t find that it dries my skin out, whilst it tones and almost pulls up my skin to look tighter and firmer. The surface texture of my skin is clear, and has no congestion due to the 5% Glycolic AHA ingredient and it can be used as little or as frequent as you like. It’s always a winner for me.On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Pixi Glow Tonic

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Pixi Peel & Polish

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Transformulas Hydration Gold

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Evolve Beauty Radiant Glow Mask

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Evolve Beauty Radiant Glow Mask

On the Bathroom Shelf - Summer Skincare Christian Breton SOS Eye Balm

For a great exfoliating mask, I totally recommend the Pixi Peel and Polish. Not only can it be used in conjunction with Glow Tonic for a super facial, but the Peel and Polish has been the only exfoliator that I have been reaching for lately. I prefer to apply a layer to cleansed and dry skin before stepping in the shower. By the time I’m all washed, the Lactic Acid based formulation has had ample time to dissolve dead skin cells before rinsing off to reveal the brightest and clearest skin. I’ve been telling everyone that it makes my skin feel like a babies bottom, and it’s true – it’s exactly how it feels. It’s also that gentle on the skin, that I’ve not suffered any bits of grain getting caught up in my nose piercing and I’ve not had any post mask redness. It’s the one!

One of my latest beauty brand discoveries is Evolve Beauty. Found on Not On The High Street as well as their own website, this new British brand has a full range of products that are made from natural and organic ingredients. The Radiant Glow Face Mask is almost good enough to eat, with its Raw Cacao and Clay base with Organic Vanilla Oil and coconut granules. A small amount goes a long way and it’s very tempting once it’s on to want to stick your tongue out of your mouth and try and lick some. True story. Fresh skin is unveiled and it feels not only soft to the touch, but the natural areas that get oily have settled down to give an even complexion.

Although the Transformulas Hydration Gold is targeted for anti-ageing, I love to use it because of its hydrating properties. The focus of Transformulas is to bring beauty without the pain and the products are cosmeceuticals, rather than just beauty products where intense ingredient and a more scientific approach to anti- ageing. I am slightly biased when it comes to Transformulas, as I have met the founder, Rosi Chapman, several times and the brand has been created and developed in my home town of Manchester, but the products really stand out for themselves. The Hydration Gold is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid as well as 23 carat Gold powder to give skin a beautiful and fresh look. I prefer to wear this on no make up days to give that ‘my skin but better’ look whilst wearing it underneath make up turns it into a glowing and hydrating primer.

Christian Breton is a new brand to me, and I’ve been able to try the SOS Eye Balm, as has my sister. Although I’ve been using it intermittently between my Dr Barbara Sturm, my sister Paula has had a reason to be slapping it on. Due to a heave amount of stress, Paula has developed Bells Palsy, which paralyses the muscles on one side of the face. Due to this, she was having difficulty in blinking and often had to massage the muscles around her eyes to keep her eyes from drying out and to help her blink. I gave her the Christian Breton SOS Eye Balm to give her some relief. She said that during it’s use, she loved the spatula that it came with to help reduce contamination, whilst giving the right amount of product for each use. It’s a beautiful and light, almost mousse like balm that goes on like silk and helped reduce her extremely dry eyelids and eye contour area. She used it during the day, but found that the blue colour looked funny especially whilst wearing it in work. For night time a thick layer was applied before sleep, and although it did cake overnight, it helped ease the dry skin and she woke to beautiful skin each morning. Paula left the SOS Eye Balm in the fridge for further relief as the cold balm was heavenly when applied.

Now that the weather is warming up, I’m adding a few more products into the mix, which I will bring to you next week. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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