Rock The Night Away With Phuket’s Live Music Scene!

Phuket, Thailand’s largest and most popular island, is well known for its many daytime activities like watersports and sightseeing. Scuba diving, swimming, water skiing, parasailing- if it’s wet and wild they have it! The island is also home to some fascinating cultural sites like the Big Buddha and Chinatown, where you can learn more about the island’s unique history. There is something to do all day long, but what about after dinner when the sun has gone down and the lights come up? Don’t worry, Phuket has got you night owls covered!

boats on sea near mountain during daytime

If you are lucky enough to be staying in one of the highly recommended all-inclusive resorts in Phuket then you might not feel the need to wander very far, after all, there is so much on offer right there in your posh lodgings! Even so, sometimes a change of scenery is just the thing to excite you, so we will now share our favourite thing to experience in Phuket after dark! Music!

Live Music Venues – Phuket has them, and they are amazing! Here’s what’s hot and hopping tonight for you to do some toe tapping too!

  • Redhot Club – This is one of Phuket’s longest-running live music bars and it’s rocking every night of the week so put on your best party dress and go! Located on Bangla Road, Redhot Club features a great menu full of reasonably priced dishes and drinks, a pool table for you sharks, and some of the best live music in town! The action begins at 8 PM when the bands start playing, often featuring some of Thailand’s top musical talents. It’s guaranteed to be loud, so get ready to rock! 
  • Hard Rock Cafe Phuket – You can’t deny that Americans know how to rock, after all, they invented it, so you can’t go wrong with the local iteration of this fun franchise! You can find it on Rat-U-Thit Road Just off Patong’s main street, just follow the sound of hard rock and you will be there! The food is fabulous, starring spicy just north-of-the-border Tex-Mex cuisine, and there are loads of classic cocktails to be had at the two-story bar! The live bands get started at 8 PM, specializing in the eponymous hard rock vein, but also branching out into classic rock, heavy metal, and the occasional rocking pop tune! Get it on!
  • Banana Discotheque & Pub – This fun and festive venue can be found at the Patong Beach Hotel’s beachfront. When the cool night breeze blows in off the bay you can step out of the air-conditioned interior into the night air of the outdoor bar, which always has a live band playing for your delight! Friday is Elvis show night, so pay your respects to America’s king of rock and roll, and you will feel your temperature rising, this place is HOT!

Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Phuket pages for even more fun things to do around town day or night, and be ready to party when you get off that plane, Phuket is the place to do it!

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