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I shouldn’t be left alone with my thoughts as I end up going from a sprightly, joyous little creature to a sullen and sad excuse of a grown up within moments. Having so much going on at the moment is really difficult to understand. I can’t explain what’s going on in my head, and I also don’t understand what is happening in my head. I think I’m ok, but then I think I’m that far from ok that I don’t know how I’m going to be ok again. It doesn’t make sense. This week, I have really had to get my bum into gear. I’ve got blog post content that needs to be shared before my Christmas content, and all my Christmas content needs to be photographed and planned. I’ve been working my little socks off, which has kept me busy and brought back the passion that I have for writing. Whilst trying to organise another at home photo shoot for one of my posts, I had a thought. Instead of dressing up and putting on a full face of makeup to show off my gorgeous lounge wear set, why not show you it being worn in it’s natural habitat. Glasses on, not a scrap of makeup. This is me.

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear Ugg scuffette

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear  ugg scuffette

If I could live in lounge wear, I would. In fact, any lounge wear that is suitable for leaving the house to nip to the shop is all I need. My laundry basket is literally made up of pjs and joggers as that is the majority of what I wear around the house, and I relish getting home from work and putting on fresh pjs before sinking into my marshmallow bed and letting go of the day. I’ve recently been trying to work through my Happiness Planner, as I’ve had to start a new one. My last one ended up being victim to some very angry thoughts and deep pen scrawls, so apologise to it profusely. My new navy planner, courtesy of Joanie Clothing, couldn’t have come at a better time. A time where I want to share my feelings to a journal to help me work through my issues.

Sitting in my big chair in my bedroom, I can get comfy with Thomas, my planner and sit and wind down in my cosy lounge wear. This set is by Pour Moi, from UK Lingerie and the grey marl bottoms and oversized belted cardi are so cosy. Too warm and cosy to wear in bed, they are ideal for wearing around the house.I love the design of the Pour Moi cami but I am disappointed that the cami length is a bit short, especially when it’s for us busty girls. It means that I need to wrap my cardi a little tighter around me, which isn’t a bad thing. With it being so cold at the moment, I want to be warm constantly. Just give me some lounge pants and a hot water bottle and I am a happy bunny indeed. There’s nothing like being warm and comfortable to make you feel safe and protected. I cannot bear it when my feet are cold, so being able to slide my feet into my Ugg slippers from Amara Living is like a little slice of heaven. It’s been quite a few years since I last owned a pair of Ugg Scuffette slippers and I didn’t realise just how much I missed having furry slippers in my life. Oh yes, more fur for me. I think I have fur attachment issues.

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear ren and now for sleep

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear  ren and now for sleep

The only other issue that I’m having at the moment is my sleep. I have been trying so many things in order to get a good nights sleep – no technology, relaxing scents in my room, essential oils. They all have been working to an extent and now I’m managing to fall asleep with ease. My only issue now is that I’m having fitful sleeps in which I’m having horrifically vivid dreams where I am waking myself up, jumping bolt upright in a cold sweat. I have spoken highly about my love of pillow sprays, and I am flying through bottles of them from various brands. The newest one to hit the nightstand is the Ren & Now for Sleep pillow spray which is so relaxing. Using relaxing essential oils such a lavender and Frankincense, then blend is traditional but it’s proven that it works. Lavender is especially good for alleviating tension and anxiety which is just what I need right now, whilst Frankincense to relax your mind. I am quite liberal with my pillow spray, and I also like to spray some in the corners of my bedroom to envelop me as I lie in bed.

It’s been quite refreshing to show the side of me that I wouldn’t usually share on my blog. Makeup free, au naturel and just as I am. Life doesn’t need to be a polished editorial magazine, with a glossy curly blow, an expensive foundation covered face and perfect nails. My nails are bitten from stress and anxiety, I’ve made a total mess from ripping the skin around my fingers. My hair is still tinged green and needs a good cut and shape, my brows need taming and tinting. My stretch marks on my boobs are visible, my rolls of fat are there, but do you know what? This is me.

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