The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

Hello my lovelies, and welcome back to another Air Hostesses guide. Last week I wrote my Air Hostesses Guide on how to relax and I have been trying to take my own advice and switching everything off before bed. It hasn’t been working as such as I’ve had some dreadful jet lag but I’ve been finding that if I leave my phone at the other side of the room, it takes away that need to play Farm Heroes Saga in bed at 2am. With this silly tiredness routine that I’ve managed to fall into, my sleep pattern is all over the place and it’s leaving me looking exhausted and generally haggard. It gave me a great idea to make another guide; the Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue.

The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

Fatigue is the bain of my life. It’s not just about being sleepy and over tired, but a real weariness throughout my body, aching muscles and lack of concentration and understanding when conversing. Aside from getting a mega 15 hour sleep, which I love doing, sometimes I need a quick fix to get myself looking bright and alert on the outside when inside I’m practically asleep.

Bausch + Lomb have been lifesavers in the last few weeks. I wear contact lenses the majority of the time when I go to work and only wear my glasses for work when I’m really tired. There’s a whole giant bun plus glasses and trying to fit a life jacket in the safety demo dilemma going on right there. So, for a contact lens wearer I need a bit of a hand to combat tired, dry eyes and the Artelac Rebalance eye drops have been giving my eyes a new lease of life whilst wearing my lenses. No dryness, itchiness or stinging on flights for me. For an extra boost, especially on that first night back after long haul, the Artelac Nighttime Gel gets rid of grittiness and dryness whilst I have my mammoth sleep.

The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

Alongside the fatigue from work, I am also dealing with a personal battle of having a Vitamin B12 deficiency so I love finding products that contain extra amounts of the vitamin that my body is crying out for. The latest beauty product that I has had me hooked is the Timebomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12. I’ve been using this in between flights to perk my skin up and get rid of my tired, dull looking pallor. The changes in my skin are noticeable, with a natural radiance and plumped up complexion. I’m starting to get that healthy glow back.

The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

If only I could find a product that miraculously makes under eye bags disappear and leave the skin looking tight and bright. Well, never fear as Skin Doctors Cosmecueticals have answered my prayers. I was gifted the Instant Eyelift, ยฃ20.40 in my goodie bag from the Blog On MOSI conference so I was very intrigued to try it after reading several conference attendees shout out about this wonderful eye lift in a bottle. The serum is quite watery and I used a pump for each eye. Using my ring finger, I applied the serum to the undereye contour and sat and watched in the mirror as my under eye bags practically disappeared and looked smooth with no lines and wrinkles. Make up application over the serum is easy and the serum lasted around 6 hours before I started to see my little laughter lines appear again. I’m totally in love.

The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

It’s great that I have found some products that help me from looking tired but sometimes it can come down to a state of mind. To help me relax and revive, I find that a bath or shower using the Aromatherapy Associates Essential Travel Oils has helped me to get motivated or to relax ready for a deep night sleep. Four of Aromatherapy Associates best selling bath and shower oils are included in this cute little set that I can pop in my suitcase ready for my long haul trips. Only a capful of Deep Relax, Revive Morning, Revive Evening and Support Lavender and Peppermint have been needed for a quick fix and to set me up for the day, or the night.

The Air Hostesses Guide to combating signs of fatigue

Work is getting really busy now as we head into the summer season and I cannot wait to experience the journey. As my company started new routes this year to New York and Miami, I am so excited to be able to visit these fabulous places. My next goal for the Air Hostesses Guide is to bring you some travel posts, so look out for my trip to Miami.

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  • Beautyqueenuk

    So many people rave about the Timebomb Complexion shot and it does sound pretty amazing x

  • I’d love to hear more about the Timebomb product! Do you have regular B12 injections? I have pernicious anaemia too due to not having any intrinsic factor and I’ve been trying a B12 sublingual spray too xx

  • Thanks for sharing this! I will admit that I have wondered how air hostesses manage to look so good after a long flight when I always end up looking like crap. You really are the experts so it’s great to get some tips straight from the source ๐Ÿ™‚

    Shannon xx |

    • Thanks so much Shannon! Feel free to ask me anything ๐Ÿ™‚ x