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Lighter Life Fast: The 5:2 diet 2 weeks on.

Two weeks ago I started the 5:2 diet using Lighter Life Fast and just thought I would update you on my progress so far, and how I have been finding the diet.

I have been alternating the meal options on each fast day and I am having 4 different options each time. The meals, I have found, have been pleasantly tasty. My favourites are the vegetable soup, banana milkshake, spaghetti bolognaise and toffee bar.

Lighter Life Fast

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (3)

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (4)

Lighter Life Pre Packed Meals (5)

The meals are easy to prepare. The milkshakes can be made in a shaker, and the soup just needs hot water adding to it. Everything else can be made either on the hob or in the microwave. I have been using the microwave just because its easy and convenient. I wouldn’t be able to have a hot meal if I was to take the meal options to work as I don’t have a microwave at work. However, I have decided that the hours that I work and the nature of the job, I should be allowed to eat anything on those days! Galaxy Caramel, I’m hunting you down!

What I have been surprised about is how the small portions are very filling. Halfway through my tea I felt full and it gave me a few hours before I wanted to eat my chocolate bar. One thing I have been missing throughout my fast day is fruit and vegetable so I have been snacking throughout the day on sliced peppers, carrots or cherry tomatoes, then adding a small undressed side salad with my evening meal. Its not added on many more calories to my daily total however the greens have made me feel a bit fresher, if that makes sense! With my size and weight, I have worked out that 620 calories is the maximum I can have on a fast day rather than the 530 that I am eating so its not a huge difference with the addition of snacks.

I still have been drinking my cups of tea with a tiny splash of milk, but trying to add to more herbal teas into my day. I have also been drinking 2 litres of water on my fast days which has been making me feel really full. Even though I have felt full, I haven’t been able to stop dreaming of hot buttered toast and milky hot chocolates. I’m sure it will pass.

After two weeks, my total weightloss comes to 6lbs, which is 3lbs per week.

I’ll be continuing my Lighter Life Fast diet for the next two weeks and will post again once it is complete. If you want to try the 5:2 fast with Lighter Life Fast, the meals are exclusive to Superdrug.

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