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How To Cosy Up Your Bedroom For The Coming Season

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After a beautiful summer, with the onset of September, thoughts slowly begin to turn to the new season – shops are filling up with ankle boots and new coats, there’s a drop in the temperature and spiced lattes start making an appearance in the coffee bars. Autumn brings it’s own seasonal delights, and one of them is being able to cosy up in our bedrooms, take advantage of Autumn decor trends and enjoy a little comfort. Here’s how to get ready for the new season and create a warm, welcoming bedroom perfect for those nights that are drawing in…

Get Your Insulation Right

Before moving on to cushions and candles, make sure that your bedroom is cosy by checking that it’s well insulated. Check and drain and underperforming radiators, look into double glazed window repairs if needed, and kit out your room with well lined curtains or insulated blinds. You want to eliminate any draughts or condensation. You can also check the floorboards and use filler to get rid of any gaps where cold breezes can creep in.

Invite In Some Colour

Colour can have a significant psychological impact on our mood, so creating a cosy interior can be down to introducing some warm, rich colours to your room. Try red, deep yellows and oranges, or if that isn’t your vibe, millennial pink can also be surprisingly warm and restful. Combine these colours sparingly with neutrals for the chicest effect and add touches of copper or rose gold in your accessories.

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Add In Some Texture

Adding warmth to your bedroom can be achieved by layering textures to cuddle up in. Use it as an excuse to hit the shops for some new homewares and accessories. Fluffy rugs are a great way to physically banish chills and they look snuggly too – lots of soft throw pillows, a knitted or faux fur throw and softly piled oversize curtains will also give a cocooning effect. Silk is also a rich texture to use, and playing with these varying fabrics in the same or tonal colours gives a really plush, expensive look to a room.

Cast A Glow

Lastly, go to town with beautiful scented candles – scent is also powerful to evoke a mood, and woody or spicy toned fragrances or creamy vanilla are ideal as the nights get shorter. Make sure that you choose soy candles or pure beeswax so that you aren’t releasing harmful chemicals into the room. You could also try an aromatherapy diffuser with LEDs. Consider introducing some beautiful lamps too – these cast a much cosier light than overhead fixtures, and give you a chance to introduce more colour and texture with the lampshade. You can further enhance the candlelit effect by adding in some beautiful mirrors, which will bounce back the light and create some gorgeous effects. Don’t be afraid to make the most of reflective surfaces such as mirrored glass trays as well, as these will also add interest.

With a few finishing touches in how you dress it, you really can alter the mood of your bedroom and give it a much more intimate and cosy feel for the coming colder weather.

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