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Autumn Decor Trends

The seasons roll around very quickly. Although when you are baking in the sun or freezing in the snow, it might seem tog on forever, none of them actually last for more than a few weeks. There are only 52 weeks in a year after all, and four seasons to get through. With summer coming towards its end, autumn is next, and if you are thinking of decorating some rooms in your home before the winter sets in, you might like to know what the latest trends for home décor are.

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Neutral And Simple

Because something is neutral in colour does not mean it has to look bland and uninteresting. You could have neutral coloured stripes on your window dressings, furniture that shows its wood grain and a rug made up of several coloured neutral squares to ensure that your home interior is impressive. Team these with soft furnishings that are gently patterned, and your room will be neutral and simple but can look amazing.


This is a trend that has come through from the spring and it is still very popular. We are not talking about walls, furniture or accessories, but carpets that are in a gold colour.


No one would suggest that you have black walls, furniture or floors unless you’re feeling bold and you want to go for it. The black is used in accessories such as cushions, and shelving units. It does not have to be blocks of black either. Cushions and curtains that have a pattern including it will do the trick, It tends to team up best with lighter shades, and of course, best of all with white.


Pinks have always been popular, but this autumn they are one of the favourite colours to use, Dusty and darker pinks are the ones to use as they add warmth to any room, They go particularly well with metallic finishes and darker greys.

Bold Shapes And Designs

These are being used for cushions, curtains, bed linen and all sorts of other materials, as you can see at Bold colours with different shapes and designs that make them stand out from the rest of the room. It is said there is only one rule to make this trend work, and that is that it has to have a modern look.

Navy Blue

After pinks, navy blue is the big colour for autumn this year. It needs to be teamed with other colours because of the darkness of its shade but does go very well with greys, white and even with gold. This is one colour that even the wallpaper manufacturers have produced a lot of this year, so take a good look around the wallpaper shops before deciding on which one to buy.

It could be that none of these trends appeal to you or that you have fallen for one of the ideas. Whatever you decide to do with your décor this year, just make sure you have what you want, as it is you that has got to live in it.

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