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Wahaca Day of the Dead Feast

I know, I know. It feels like it’s closer to next years Day of the Dead than this years but I just had to share this with you. At the beginning of November, I headed over to one of my fave restaurants Wahaca, based at the Corn Exchange in Manchester. From stepping inside the door, I was transported to this mystical world of ghouls and ghosts before settling down for a five course menu designed and cooked by Thomasina Miers, co-founder of Wahaca and winner of the 2005 Masterchef. A night of mischief and mirth, cocktails a plenty and all of the food, Wahaca really know how to put on a party for the undead. 

The evening started with magic makeovers, sugar skill face painting and having all of the jewel embellishments on our faces, we took our first steps into the decorated space of the ground floor of Wahaca to be greeted with tequila cocktails. Special touches included having our photo taken by Polaroid, not just as a memento for the evening but it was used to take us to the correct table. I also really liked the remembrance tree where you could leave messages of love for those who have departed us. I left a message for my Grandad, who I miss every single day. 

We were taken upstairs to our seats, which were on the mezzanine side of Wahaca. A great vantage point of being seated her was that we had front row seats for the incredibly talented singer and band who serenaded us with live music whilst we ate. We sat down at around 7:15 to start our five courses and looking on the menu, I was really apprehensive about the food being served. I’m not a fussy eater by any stretch of the imagination but when food is on a menu that I wouldn’t generally choose, it does make me wonder slightly if I will like it. I didn’t have to worry for long however as I was so impressed with every single dish that was offered to me. 

The first course was Mexico City passion fruit ceviche with salad. The trout was thick and tasty, and whilst having some resemblance to salmon, I did find that it was meatier and had a lot more flavour. The sharpness of the citrus was offset by the passion fruit, making this a tongue tingling burst of flavour. I also loved the crispy poppadom which had a good snap and helped soak up the marinade, 

I was unsure of the second course after the first bite. Gordita with hibiscus flower and Gringa Dairy queso fresco was described on the menu as blue corn masa; corn made into patties with pink chicory and cheese. I must admit that after a bite or two, my tastebuds were craving more and polished the whole plate off. I don’t think I can think of a time where I was dead against a mouthful of food, that led to me clearing my plate before.

From the savoury course, I think the Crown Prince kale and cashew nut mile was my favourite. A chargrilled wedge of squash with pureed cashew nut and kale topped with hazelnut was probably one of the more outlandish dishes that I have tried and one that put us in silence whilst we ate it all. Aside from the odd umms and ahhhs inbetween mouthfuls, there was nothing to be said. The mole was simply perfection and I don’t think that I could try to attempt to describe it’s goodness. 

By the fourth course, I could feel that the substantial sized portions were taking a toll. Chile relleno con picadillo was next on the menu; a partridge and rabbit stew with rice. Although I have had partridge before, I was a little on the edge about rabbit. Whilst I sampled some to see what it was like,  I really wasn’t sure as I knew what I was eating. That being said, I did like the gaminess of the meat. It was a shame that I was so full and not able to give this my full attention.

It doesn’t matter how I am, I will always find room for dessert. The Vanilla and Citrus tres leches with quince and raw chocolate was unbelievable. I cannot put into words just how creamy and rich the posset was. The flavours really stood out and kept a nice balance between sweet and tarte. With eyes bigger than my belly, I managed a couple of mouthfuls before I let the decadence take its toll, and needed a good nap to sleep it off. 

The evening was a success with so many people having booked onto the supper club. I do think that with events like this that things can get overlooked slightly and I did find that the length of time to clear plates and next courses took some time. It was nearing half 10 when we left, and whilst I didn’t mind, it meant that we had been seated for over 3 hours from the first course, with the ladies on the two tables next to ours having been served swiftly without sitting with empty plates for 20 minutes each time. Again, I do appreciate that the evening was busy but the same level of service shown to other guests would have been more appreciated. 

Overall, I have been extremely impressed the Wahaca supper club and I will be first in line should another come into town. Wahaca really do have incredible traditional Mexican dishes and the Day of The Dead evening has taken Wahaca to new heights in my eyes. 

*Meal provided FOC, however all opinions are, as always, my own. 

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