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3 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making You Any Money

Starting your own blog is a great hobby to do in your spare time but if you put enough work in, it’s actually a great way to make money. You could use it to make a little extra on the side but if you’re successful enough, you can earn a good living from it and be your own boss. But making money out of a blog is easier said than done and even after months or years of hard work, you might find that you’re still not bringing in that much money. The good news is, there are a few common reasons why you’re not making money and you can usually solve the problem pretty easily. This is why your blog isn’t making any money and what you can do about it.

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It Costs Too Much To Run

This is a big one. People often underestimate how much it’s going to cost to keep their site running and all of the money they make goes right back into website maintenance and upkeep. If you’re bringing money in but not making a profit, have another look at your website cost. It might be that your hosting fees are too high or you’re paying a website building service to carry out maintenance and they’re charging you over the odds. Shop around a bit and see if you can find any better deals for hosting. Another common reason is that you’ve got too much going on and so you need regular updates. If you simplify things a little, it will be a lot cheaper to run and you can start to keep some of that money you’re bringing in.

You Don’t Have Enough Traffic

There are 2 main ways that people make money from their blog; advertising and collaborations with companies. Usually, the advertising revenue you get is based on how many people are visiting the site or even how many people are clicking on the ads. If you don’t have that many visitors, you’re not going to make money. You also won’t be getting opportunities to do paid reviews of products if you’ve only got a small readership. There are some simple ways to make your blog grow by boosting your SEO strategy or advertising yourself better on social media. If you can start bringing in more traffic, you’ll soon start making more money.

You’re Not Focused On Your Audience

Blogging started as a way for people to share their lives with other people that might be interested. For a blog to be successful, it’s important that the writer has a distinct personality that comes out in the posts but you need to be careful. If you’re just doing it as a hobby, it’s fine to write about yourself all of the time but if you want to make money out of it, you need to think about your audience more. What do they want to read? If you aren’t publishing articles that your readership are interested in and you’re just writing about yourself all of the time, you aren’t going to keep those readers.

If you can avoid these 3 big mistakes, you should be able to start making some real money from your blog.

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