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Vita Liberata pHEnomenal Self Tan and Exfoliator *Travel Exclusive*

Vita Liberata promises a 2-3 week golden glow after just three applications. The travel exclusive set contains a jojoba microbeaded body polish and a 50ml pump of tan along with the Vita Liberata tanning mitt. It promises instant drying, with no biscuity fake tan smell as it is an organic product that contains no parabens, perfume or alcohol.


The body polish smells absolutely devine and i couldnt wait to use it. I applied it liberally all over the areas that I wished to tan and massaged in, then rinsed off whilst in the shower. After using the body polish, my skin felt lovely and smooth and ready for tanning to begin.

Self tanning is so easy to do with a mitt as you don’t stain your hands whilst giving your body a good coverage and The mitt also can be used to buff the tan into the skin so there are no streaks or noticeable areas where the tan has been placed.


Vita Liberata states that one application will last for one week, two applications for up to ten days and three applications up to two weeks. When applied the colour is beautiful and is exactly the shade of brown that I’d hope the tan would develop into. However, once developed, the golden glow was very subtle and didn’t live up to the expectations that the initial application gave. I’m guessing that the medium is not the colour for me, and I will try the dark as soon as I can to confirm.

I also found that the colour didn’t develop very well after three hours, there was minimal tan if any. I tried again and left the product on overnight, yet still the colour was a barely there tan. I’ve found that I’ve had to make a lot applications to build up to the colour to create a sun kissed glow. As stated on the Vita Liberata website, my body’s own natural pH can affect the tan, however I’m just personally hoping that its because I need the dark shade.

As I do love the fact that its instant drying with no biscuity smell, and the colour of the mousse when it’s initially applied, I have decided that it is a very good instant tan, and when the colour has washed off, if it leaves a glow then I’m happy.

Overall, I’m in two minds about this. I had such high hopes for it, yet it’s not lived up to my expectations although when using it in a different manner than what it is intended for, I love it. Would I repurchase? Yes, because of its ease of use and instant tan colour. And I’d also try the darker shade too.

I do believe that this is a fantastic product, that I just need to tweak to suit me better. It does have quite a high price point for the full size bottle, with 125ml costing £37.50 and the exfoliator £12.50 for 175ml, so I would definitely make sure you choose the right colour before you buy.

My skin is naturally quite tanned so the colour that the medium develops into isn’t that different from my natural skin tone.

Vita Liberata is available in fair, medium and dark shades and you can purchase it here.

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