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Victor & Rolf Bonbon

Last week, I was the very lucky winner of one of Dave Lackie’s Twitter competitions. Dave is the beauty editor of Beauty The Guide and hosts some fantastic giveaways on his Twitter account. I was the winner of a 50ml bottle of the new fragrance by Victor & Rolf, Bonbon. Bonbon is only the second fragrance by Victor & Rolf and hotly anticipated after the success of Flowerbomb. As Flowerbomb is one of my all time favourite scents, I was so excited to receive Bonbon which is ranking as the best selling fragrance across the USA and UK.

Victor & Rolf Bonbon

Although you should never judge a perfume by its box, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Hot pink with a Bon bon ribbon and V&R wax effect stamp, it’s still in keeping with its big sisters packaging, yet highly unique. The bottle is simply beautiful. Shaped like a bow shaped candy, with the centre of the bottle being darker in colour like the wrapper off a sweet. Its so cute and girly. The signature V&R wax stamp is also present like on Flowerbomb.

Victor & Rolf Bonbon

The fragrance itself is also rather unique. I was expecting something super sweet, however I was pleasantly surprised with how seductive it is. There is still a hint of sweetness but it warms into a scent that can be worn day or night, or could even become a signature scent. Victor & Rolf Bonbon has top notes of mandarin orange, peach and orange with heart notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine. At the base guaiac wood, sandalwood, amber and cedar. The depth of the base notes make this fragrance quite heady and seductive. Although you can smell the sweetness of the caramel, once the perfume has settled down I can smell a spiciness from the base notes. Longevity wise, I don’t think this is the longest lasting scent however I still managed to record a time of around six hours. I’m used to wearing Jo Malone fragrances which last only 3 hours or so, so to me its still very good. After around 3 hours, the spiciness of the base notes start to appear which linger til I can no longer smell the fragrance on myself. I’ve been reaching for Victor & Rolf Bonbon every day when I’ve been getting ready and I feel that it has a slight addictiveness to it. There’s a note in the perfume that I can’t quite put my finger on but its driving me to wear it.

I definitely think this is a fragrance you’d have to try and wear for a while before purchasing as unlike Flowerbomb, I don’t think it will be for everyone. I walked into my neighbours house and she absolutely hated it, however I adore it. I do tend to go for the floral-fruity fragrances usually so this is a tad sweeter than what I would usually go for but it just works. I’m over the moon that I’ve won this, I love it. So, thank you Dave and I hope everyone follows him on Twitter, if you don’t already.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon 50ml retails at £68 and is available from Selfridges.

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