Vaseline Paint The Town Red

After the success of the limited editions in the past, it has started to become a bit of tradition to have a new version of Vaseline released each year. I loved the Creme Brulee edition and last year I was online ordering my Pink Bubbly edition on the day of release. When I noticed that Vaseline was hinting towards a new edition, I signed myself up to the mailing list and waited patiently for Selfridges to email me when it came in stock.


This years limited edition is Paint The Town Red. Encased in the usual Vaseline pots, the black and red tin is very eye catching. I love the attention to detail, especially how the drips of paint are forming the New York skyline. The vaseline itself is red in colour and gives a slight, sheer red tint to your lips once applied. EIther wear it alone or over the top of a lipstick for that extra shine.



My favourite bit about Paint The Town Red is the smell. It reminds me of winter and Christmas, wrapped up in my furs supping mulled wine at a Christmas market. The sweet spiced berry scent not only smells amazing but when its applied, it actually tastes nice too (Disclaimer: Do NOT eat your vaseline!)

For those Vaseline fans, Paint The Town Red is the perfect addition to your collection. It is available only at Selfridges for the time being and is priced at £3.49, however it is planned to move into Boots and Superdrug very shortly.

Another one for the collection 😉

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  • Nahid Aley

    Hey Anoushka, hope you’re well lovely?
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since I started following you, and just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award :o)
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    PS – I didn’t know Vaseline did a Creme Brulee version, but I’m off to track it down!

    • Thank you so much sweetie!! I’ll take a look 🙂
      I’m not sure if you can still get the creme brulee version, but it was delicious so I hope you find one!!xx