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Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

On the run up to Christmas, I seem to fall into a state of buying all the presents. Mainly for myself, granted. The art of self-gifting and Black Friday treating is stronger than ever at the moment, but thankfully, my bank account is putting up a fight and stopping me in my tracks. Yesterday, I listed the best deals that I had found from top brands with incredible savings on full prices, and although I haven’t bought anything, it hasn’t stopped me browsing. There has been one little delivery recently though. A repurchase of an old flame. A flame that will never be distinguished and one of the most seductively gorgeous flames that I have had pleasure of wearing. I’m talking about the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, the uniquely delicious sister to Black Orchid.

Online shopping plays a huge part in my life, and although most of the time is spent adding to my basket yet never passing through to the checkout, I can’t stop myself from browsing. I was scrolling through House of Fraser looking for pyjamas when I saw the HoF fragrance quiz. My curiosity got the better of me, and knowing how many perfumes I own, I wondered if this quiz would bring up my any of my most preferred scents as my top choices.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

I’ve always gone for fruity-floral or oriental fragrances, so seeing my most used scents hit the top of the quiz results wasn’t too surprising. When Tom Ford Velvet Orchid popped up as a number one choice, it evoked memories of times when I wore it. I needed a new bottle, right then and right there. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles, from £54 to £108 respectively. There’s something wonderfully luxurious and special about everything that Tom Ford produces, right down to the packaging. I feel enamoured and powerful when draped in Tom Ford and it’s more than luxury, it’s like a grandeur that I feel quite at home in.

The scent itself is an oriental floral which suits my style so much. Opening with top notes of bergamot, mandarin, honey and a a purified rum extract of Succan absolute, it’s very rich and feminine. The heart notes are made up from corporeal floral notes which give the Tom Ford signature to the fragrance. The legendary black orchid, made with notes of the velvet orchid, Turkish rose oil, jasmine and purple orchid give a sweet yet heady intensity. Floral notes of orange blossom, rose absolute, narcissus, hyacinth and heliotrope blend with the heart notes to intensify the floral oriental blend before drying down to base notes of warming Peru balsam, myrrh, labdanum, sandalwood, suede and vanilla.

In a dark purple flacon, the bottle has been updated from the Black Orchid black flacon to show the feminine side of Velvet Orchid. Embellished with the signature gold plated name plate and the TF neck tie, it’s a bottle worthy of displaying on the vanity. That’s if you can resist keeping it at home on display rather than in your handbag so you can top up throughout the day.

Thanks House of Fraser for devising your fragrance quiz. I’m so pleased to have Velvet Orchid back in my life again.

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