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The BeautyBlender Revolution

The BeautyBlender – The make up tool that no make up artist can be without as it creates such flawless, high definition finish and makes application a dream. A brand that has since moved on from the classic BeautyBlender, to bring us a range of blending tools to cover all of our blending needs and beauty cleansers to clean up after ourselves. The BeautyBlender to me isn’t a go to tool, I’m more a brush or fingers kind of girl, and I’ve been really trying to work it into my make up routine. I’ve set myself up with a big selection of BeautyBlender products and over the last few weeks, I’ve been seeing if the BeautyBlender really does live up to the hype.

I’ve had a few new products to try out this month as well as some existing products that I’ve been wanting to use more. For my daily make up face, I’ve been using Benefits Hello Flawless foundation and I’ve been dotting a pumps worth on my face before blending it in with the Classic BeautyBlender. My first impressions of the Classic blender were that it swells up to a really good size when it’s first dampened. Using a bouncing motion, the BeautyBlender blends the foundation seamlessly around the face and neck with no streaks. I love the fact that the foundation doesn’t sink into the sponge, and sits on the surface of the blender which means I am using less product overall. After my first attempt, I really loved the way my skin looked but I was aware of the foundation feeling quite wet so I adopted a more stringent dampening and squeezing the following day. I love the finish on the face, yet I’m still automatically reaching for my Expert Face Brush rather than the BeautyBlender, and I’ve been having to remind myself that I’m supposed to be using the blender. I don’t know if it’s trying to teach an old dog new tricks but I’ve been brought up using brushes and fingers so I really need to subconsciously change my ways, and remind myself just how flawless I look after I’ve used it.


BeautyBlender Classic BeautyBlender Pro BeautyBlender BodyBlender

BeautyBlender Classic BeautyBlender Pro BeautyBlender BodyBlender

BeautyBlender Blotterazzi

BeautyBlender Blotterazzi

BeautyBlender Blotterazzi

BeautyBlender BeautyCleanser BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser

With the Pro BeautyBlender* however, I have been automatically reaching for this when I’m using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette. Maybe because contouring with a cream is a relatively new experience for me, I find that I can’t achieve a finish quite like how I can with the Pro BeautyBlender so it’s definitely one for keeps. The smaller size works brilliantly with darker coloured products for a long wearing finish, and it’s been mentioned on the BeautyBlender that it’s suitable for tanning products. I’ll give that a try next time but for now, it’s my number one tool for contour.

False tan is a regular routine in my house, and although I’ve been used to using a mitt for application, I’ve switched over to the BodyBlender to apply. Made from the same material as the BeautyBlender, it’s shaped in such a way that it can cover a larger area of the body whilst still being easy to hold in one hand. Just like using a tanning mitt, I apply the tanning product directly to the BodyBlender and then using a sweeping circular motion, it covers the areas of the body with ease and without streaking. I’m a convert.

With my job, I am so prone to getting a that dreaded oily shine on my face that I use so many blotting papers and oil free powders to keep on top of it. The Blotterazzi from BeautyBlender has literally changed my life. Unlike the BeautyBlender, the Blotterazzi is used dry and stored in a handy compact complete with mirror, and spare blotter. It leaves skin looking oil free and fresh and the pointed edge is perfect for getting into the smaller areas of the face. I actually cannot live without this now.

As with all make up tools, all my BeautyBlenders need a good clean, and I like to do a deep clean weekly and spot cleaning after I’ve used them – especially when foundation leaves such a mess on the pink BeautyBlender. I have been using both the BeautyCleanser* and BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser*. The liquid is brilliant for working up a lather for a proper deep clean and I have not only washed my BeautyBlender tools in it, but I have tried it on my make up brushes for a deep clean. It’s even got the discolouration from my MAC 239s. The Solid is so handy for on the go cleaning and for taking on my travels meaning I can clean up whilst away. I have the older version of the solid as with the grid insert, but the newer versions have a handy silicone pad to cleanse your BeautyBlenders on.

After using the BeautyBlender products for the last few weeks, I can definitely say that I have been converted, especially to the Blotterazzi, which I think is absolutely fantastic. I just need to remember to reach for my BeautyBlender when doing my foundation and banish the brush. Have you tried any of the BeautyBlender products? What do you think? Are you a Blender or a Brusher?

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