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The Starting Off Project *Week Three* Foundation

For The Starting Off Projects third week, we will be looking at foundation. I’ve learnt so much over the years about how to apply foundation, the shades to wear and how to make sure you have a flawless finish. The foundations that I use are high end brands, which I have found to be the best for my skin and that stay on for a long period of time, which is essential when I’m at work.

Getting the correct shade.

Now my beauties, there is absolutely nothing right about having an orange face so getting the correct shade is essential. When you are in a drugstore or beauty hall, the lighting used in the shop is artificial lighting. You may have experienced it already when you have tried a product in the shop, bought it and the colour is totally different when you get it home. This is why buying foundation is not an easy task.To see if the foundation is a good match, apply it to your jawline. The back of your hand is not a match to your face. If you have any little pots, it may be best to ask if you can take a sample to try at home, especially if you are spending a bit more money on your foundation. Look at your foundation in natural light to see how well it matches your skin tone. A good foundation should look like you aren’t wearing foundation. Its also a good idea to not take note of the colour name. Rimmels Ivory beige is very much a different colour to Estee Lauder Ivory beige.

How to apply foundation.

There are many different techniques when applying foundation. If you are wearing a powder foundation, a sponge or puff works well. If you prefer a liquid, a sponge or brush is the best. I prefer to apply my foundation with the MAC 187 Duo Fibre brush. It gives an overall airbrushed and flawless finish and you only need a small amount of product as the brush buffs it into your skin without leaving you looking like your foundation has been caked on. I also like the MAC 190 Foundation brush.


My favourite foundations.

My most favourite foundation has to be Estee Lauder Double Wear. For the purposes of work, this foundation really holds on. It doesn’t need topping up throughout the course of the day, and as silly as it sounds, its like I have a heavy duty mask on for work. I work in a very busy environment, where I do get quite warm, and the last thing I want is for my foundation to be sliding off my face. This is the only foundation that I have found that doesn’t budge. Its not easy to remove either which is also a good sign. Its almost like it it adheres itself to my skin. Perfect! Its also great for nights out and you will notice how flawless your skin looks when you have photographs taken.

For days when I’m not in work but still need a good base, I like to wear Estee Lauder Double Wear light. Its a much lighter version of the Double Wear but still gives the same effect but slightly more sheer. It still covers up imperfections like Double Wear but I don’t feel like I have my mask on. This is perfect for daytime wear and still gives a flawless finish. Its also slightly more concentrated in formula than the original Double Wear, so you only need a small amount.

Out of all the BB Creams that I have tried, the one that suits my skin the most is the Clarins BB cream. When this first got released, it was sold out everywhere. It has a really creamy consistency and when applied with a brush, it gives a lovely airbrushed effect. I like to wear this on casual days if I feel the need the apply make up.


I found this Laura Mercier powder foundation in the staff shop at work, it was luckily in my shade and at a very cheap price. I very rarely wear powder foundations alone, however the finish and longevity of this is absolutely brilliant. It glides on and looks like you have a fully made up face, however it actually feels lovely and light on your skin. It can be applied on top of foundation with a puff, and if you use a wet sponge it can also be used on its own. I like it just as a powder on its own. I’m very impressed with this and will definitely repurchase.

Another powder foundation is the MAC Studio Fix. I’m quite naughty with this as I do sometimes wear it over the top of a liquid foundation, especially if I’m going on a night out. It does fix your make up to your face. I don’t tend to wear it on its own as I find that it feels quite drying on your skin.




NO Make Up! Wahhhh!!

NO Make Up! Wahhhh!!


If you have any questions on foundation, I’d be more than happy to help. Just leave me a comment on my blog! Don’t forget to check out last weeks post on concealer and to read more fabulous blogs, just search #theSOproject on Twitter.

See you next week!

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