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How to spot a counterfeit Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.

With the launch of a new product as successful as the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it is inevitable that people will be trying to make a fast buck from selling their own versions of this popular item. Whilst browsing eBay one evening, I came across a perfect example of a fake palette and I thought I would share it with you and hopefully we can help to stop innocent consumers purchasing these poor excuses of palettes.

First of all, the following points should be enough to make you suspicious

  • If it comes from China or the Philippines, it is more than likely to be a copy.
  • If the seller uses the standard stock image photo from the Urban Decay website then be suspicious. It takes a few minutes to take your own photos and upload them to eBay to show the actual product. I am always wary of stock image photographs for a product I am looking at buying.
  • If the seller has more than one item for sale on the same listing. The Naked 3 palette has been selling out from big name retailers. Why would one seller have 200 palettes available to sell?
  • If the seller has several listings all of the same product, again this is just dispersing the amount of stock that the seller has.
  • The RRP is £37 for a Naked 3. If the price is too good to be true, then it more than likely is. £13 for a Naked 3?! You’re having a laugh!


The Box


Many of the fake boxes are plain and without the rectangular eyeshadow picture at the base of the box. Also the genuine box is wide and taller than the previous boxes, due to the primers that are included within the box. If a seller doesn’t have a box, it could also be a give away to the products authenticity.

The Palette Design


The genuine Naked 3 palette has elegant, unobtrusive ripples in the case design whereas the fake cases look like fingers have been dragged through the palette lid before it has set. Also the difference in colour is very noticable, with the fake palette having a red toned case as opposed to the rose gold of the genuine.

The Eye Shadows


How shocking is the fake palette. The colours, although named the same are totally different in colour. Its like the fake maker just guessed at the shades. All the genuine shades have a rose gold undertone to them, which the fake ones do not. The fake looks more like Naked 2, especially Factory which looks like Gunmetal. If you look closely you can see that the pans of the shadows in the genuine palette have rounded corners, compared to the straight edges of the fake. Also, the genuine Naked 3 palette will have a plastic cover over the mirror, the fake palettes that I have seen, do not.


The Naked 3 palette comes with a four pack of primers in four different shades to use with your palette. It also comes with a double ended synthetic make up brush, in rose gold casing with gold writing. The bristles of the brush a tan and pale gold in keeping with the colours of the palette.
The fake palettes look to have a mini lipgloss with them like the Naked 2 palete, and a brush with black writing and sable haired bristles.

I hope this little guide helps in spotting those pesky fakes that are circulating across marketplace websites helps stop the sale of these terrible copies.

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