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Sleeping Beauty Part One: Badger Sleep Balm

Jet-lag. One word…. Horrific. Even more so when you only have two days off in-between flights. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not moaning about my job, as I love it more than anything. However it doesn’t matter how much you love something, if you’re losing sleep and can’t get back into a pattern, it makes it quite unbearable.

I’ve been trying many different lotions and potions lately in order to bring on a natural sleep, rather than one that’s sleeping tablet induced.


One of my favourite products is the Badger Sleep Balm. This organic balm contains lavender and bergamot and I can also smell a teeny hint of gingery spiciness. The packaging is really cute with the little sleeping badger, and the tin is a perfect size to keep in your pocket, bag or just by your bed. To use, just rub the balm onto your temples. I also put some on my inner wrists and under my ears at the top of my jaw.


Whilst Badger Sleep Balm hasn’t sent me to sleep directly from using it, it most certainly has relaxed me whilst in bed. Sometimes the thought that you can’t sleep makes you stop yourself from sleeping. I’ve definitely found it easier to drift off after feeling much more relaxed.

Badger Sleep Balm can be purchased here for £6.99.

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