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Sleeping Beauty needs a helper!

There’s absolutely nothing worse than feeling like everything has piled on top of you and feeling under pressure. And when you finally get to bed after a hard day, you can’t switch off. I hate it when this happens, and unfortunately its happening all too often.

I was introduced to This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less by a lovely lady in the Space NK store. We were having a general chit-chat and I mentioned I hadn’t been sleeping properly, when she pressed this little bottle into my hand. She promised me that it would work wonders, so I took that little roller ball and made sure it was safe in my bag.

2013-07-27 19.55.02

This wonder product is a soothing remedy that calms and relaxes you by using a blend of natural essential oils including frankincense, eucalyptus and lavender. The eucalyptus helps counteract fatigue and invigorates your senses, whilst frankincense helps you relax. Lavender, which is often used in many sleep aids helps with hypertension, tension and insomnia.

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Now I called this little bottle a wonder product earlier, and it really really is. For a 10ml bottle, it has lasted for quite a few months and I use it daily, if not more. The rollerball applies the right amount of oil to your skin so there is no wastage. I like to apply it to my temples and neck, and during the day just to my wrists.

If you ever feel like you need to de-stress and relieve tension, This Works.

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