Sigma brush cleaning glove DUPE!!

Washing my make up brushes is a weekly habit in my house. I try to do them every Sunday, or fortnight depending on work.
For those beauty addicts out there, you’ll be aware that Sigma have launched their Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, link here
It’s basically a silicone glove with different textures to be able to wash, refine, rinse and shape your brushes. Now don’t get me wrong, washing your brushes can sometime get a bit boring whilst you’re stood in the bathroom with your hands in the sink, so I suppose it could inject a bit of fun into the mundane chore you’re doing, however $35 (£32.95 in the UK) is a lot to pay for a glove.
After scouting around the Internet and reading other various beauty blogs, it seems that we have all stumbled on the same solution…..

A silicon oven glove from eBay. Link here.
I think I paid £2.35 with free delivery do mine.

As per the Sigma glove, it contains little raised heart shapes to wash your brushes against. Although it doesn’t have Sigmas four different sections to wash, refine etc, I don’t believe that different patterns in the silicone can make such a difference.

I tried out my new oven glove/cleaning brush yesterday. I can’t say I’m 100% sold, however I’ll keep on trying it out. I found that it did take less time to clean my brushes as the ridges did get deeper into the bristles to free them of build up of product, and I did use less shampoo however I couldn’t help but using my bare hands to make sure they were clean and reshaped how I like them.


  • Laura

    I’ll have to give them a go. I hate cleaning my brushes but try to do them once a week.

    • I love a clean brush but I also love sitting in the front of the tv with a towel and a washing up bowl full of soapy water whilst I clean them 🙂
      Happy washing!!xx