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Do my pores look big in this?!

About four weeks ago, I attended a skin analysis session at Vivify in Whitefield. The consultant was a sales rep for a brand named Environ who have a huge range of skincare products. If you didn’t read my skin analysis blog, the full review is here. Although I didn’t have a particularly good experience with the consultant, I did find myself to be interested in Sebuwash B-Active, a facial cleanser. Sebuwash claims to be able to reduce the amount of sebum that the skin produces and to reduce excess oils without drying the skin.

For a fair review, I have using this cleanser as a priority over my others for the last four weeks, morning and night. If you are allergic or sensitive to salicylic acid which is a Beta Hydroxy acid (BHA) should not use this product. BHA can cause increased sensitivity to the sun. I have always been very aware of my nose and my pores. Although invisible to others, I do not like the appearance of my skin around this area and my pores look very congested. My nose is generally on the oily side however I very rarely get spots on it.


The cleanser is in a gel form and lightly foams when applied to your skin. It can be applied to dry or damp skin and still achieves a reasonable level of foaming. The smell isn’t particularly attractive, but is very clean and almost medicated smelling. Tea tree oil, salicylic acid and a special oil absorbing ingredient are the main properties within the cleanser with the tea tree working as a mild antiseptic against the salicylic acid exfoliating actions.


I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the way my nose looks over the last few weeks in regard to my pores. Its leading me to believe that my pores are very very congested and I need a shovel to uproot these bad boy pores or that I’m not as congested as I think I am. I have had one spot on my nose since using Sebuwash which again leads me back to my two opinions. I have noticed that it made my nose really shiny at one point for quite a few days, so there was definitely a change in my skin.

Whilst scrutinising my skin this morning I have decided that my skin looks its usual clean and clear self. My face has a few blemishes and under the skin spots, however its that time of the month again so that is normal. The pores on my nose, although still there seem to be lighter in colour. I’ve tried to photograph my nose on two occasions whist running the review of Sebuwash, once at the beginning and today, four weeks later. The fact that you couldn’t see anything on the photograph just highlights to me exactly how critical I am of myself.

What I will say about Sebuwash is that when I use it my skin feels so clean and not at all dry. I’ve noticed a difference in the appearance of my nose, with it looking and feeling less oilier. I’ve also seen a change in my oil levels on my forehead. Although the smell isn’t luxurious like my other cleansers, it has taken me back to the days of using products for a purpose rather than a luxurious treat. A 100ml bottle has lasted over 4 weeks now, even though I have used it daily, and there is still a good amount left in the tube. Both mornings and nights, I seem to be automatically reaching for my Sebuwash over my other cleansers.

Although I’m not sold on the entire prescription of products, I will repurchase Sebuwash again. I’ll also be having a firm word with myself to not be as hard on myself and not let one skin analysis consultant plant a seed in my head that my nose is filled with bacteria.

Sebuwash B Active gel cleanser retail for £20.99

Have you tried Environ products? What do you use and has it worked?

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