Origins GinZing moisturiser

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and fallen for the hype for Origins GinZing moisturiser and do you know what, I think I quite like it!

I’ve been using Liz Earle normal/combination moisturiser as my morning cream for such a long time and as I neared the bottom of the tub, I was left in a predicament of repurchasing or trying something new. Origins have been a brand that I have been aware of for quite a long tome however I have never really tried any of their products, and this was simply down to one of their products that had mushrooms in it. I hate mushrooms and the thought just really put me off.


I’ve been seeing rave reviews everywhere for GinZing and I must admit that when I saw the line ‘Its like a shot of espresso for your skin’, I was more than curious. After all, all these early mornings and deep night flights have been sucking the life out of my skin.

So, GinZing came to live at my house, alongside a complimentary box of samples for an ‘at home facial’. The packaging of GinZing is quite basic. A bright orange tub with a white lid, inside a flimsy cardboard box. I know that packaging should mean nothing, but I do like the more luxurious looking products to be displayed in my bathroom. The lid of the GinZing also feel pretty flimsy so I’m going to try and keep this away from my work suitcase, as I’m not sure it would survive being bashed around.


The moisturiser itself however is lovely. It has a sharp citrus scent and smells energizing, if that’s possible. Its very light and although it takes a moment to soak in, it doesn’t leave any residue or film on your skin. I have normal/combination skin and have found that it gives a great base before I apply my make up and that any dry patches are eradicated. Even though it is so light, I’ve found that my skins hydration levels are superb and I look revitalised. It must be the coffee beans! All in all, I’m really pleased with GinZing.

The complimentary products I received were the Checks and Balance cleanser, Modern Friction exfoliator and Clear Improvement charcoal mask. I’ve been using the Modern Friction and Checks and Balance the last few days but the jury is still out at the moment!


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  • I really like Origins products and this smells amazing and at least for me it makes the skin feel quite plumped and fresh! Xx

    • I’m hoping that I start to see more of an effect, the more I use it πŸ™‚ xx

  • i’ve never tried origins products. I’ve very much a budget beauty girl at heart!

    • What budget beauty face creams do you like Steph?xx

  • Heather @ Bury Family Life

    I haven’t tried this one ut it sounds interesting. Might have to give it a go after my Keihls runs out.

  • I do LOVE good packaging – it’s really important. I hate being disappointed by the feel of a box or lid.
    I’ve only used one Origins moisturiser before and can’t say I loved it but this sounds fab!

  • I don’t like over perfumed things on my skin (normally I’m a Keihls girl) but citrus sounds quite nice

    • Its lovely and refreshing, and not overly perfumed once its on your face come to think of it! I love Kiehls stuff, I may need to visit!!xx

  • I ought to start moisturising now chill set in!

    • You should! Keep your skin lovely and soft in this horrible windy weather x

  • I love moisturising products. I definitely spend more on face care than on make up – maybe I need to sort this out! πŸ™‚

  • susanstylesyou

    I have tried a few Origins products – they do smell lovely!

  • From Little Things @FrmLittleThings

    Ive never heard of these before but they look like they do some nice products πŸ™‚

  • Looks lovely but I’ve got dry/dehydrated skin so probably not my type πŸ™

    • I was using it this weekend with your comment in mind and I think although its quite light, its still quite rich in substance so maybe it would work well for your skin type. Origins are really good at giving samples out, it maybe worth asking!xx

  • I do like citrus scented things πŸ™‚

    • Its a lovely smell, so fresh and clean πŸ™‚

  • These look fab and yes the citrus smell must be lovely. Might keep an eye out for these for Mrs B.

  • kpsays

    I have always used the Origins “No Puffery” eye mask gel when I wake up with puffy eyes, I have the GinZing eye cream in my travel bag. It’s “okay”. I did try the mushroom anti-aging/moisturizer in a deluxe sample. It was “okay”. Might try the GinZing moisturizer though πŸ™‚ Thanks for the review!

    • Its a lovely cream, i’m using it so frequently!xx