MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation N140

Today I’m bringing you another foundation to add into the mix, and I’m pretty sure that you will have heard about this amazing, yet slightly difficult to get hold of product. Yes, I’m talking about the MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation from Sephora. After reading the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup talk about it, it was obvious that it was going to be travelling the 4000 odd miles back from Florida to my house.

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I’ve had one or two pieces from MUFE before, and I love the HD Finishing Powder but I’ve never ventured too deeply into the goodies that they have on offer. Offering 26 different shades of foundation, MUFE aren’t messing about when it comes to making sure that you find the perfect match. Whilst in Sephora, I got colour matched making sure that the right shade was purchased. I had already swatched N140 on my hand and thought it was my colour and it was the same shade that the Color IQ matched to me.

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation

The HD range is designed to meet the needs of the HD imagery available now, using fine ingredients to give a flawless finish and invisible coverage. The MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation is light and looks very sheer on my face, almost invisible as the name suggests. It is a medium to full coverage foundation, as it has covered up my blemishes without the need for concealer, which is just amazing, I wore it in place of my trusty Double Wear for my flight home and combined with the balmy heat of Florida, the glow from running up and down that aircraft numerous times and also an 8 hour flight, I cannot believe how well MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation held up. Yes, there were signs of it disappearing, and yes, there was a need for a touch of powder however it pretty much stayed in place for the whole night. Impressed much? Yes, I am.

Using my Canon 600D to take a selfie for purposes of the blog post, I think my complexion looks pretty natural, coverage looks invisible and blemishes are all but covered. It’s safe to say that I’m more than happy with MUFE.

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation is available from Sephora at $42 for 30ml which is around £25.

  • I loooove this foundation 🙂 it’s so nice! You are looking lovely as ever xx

  • I have been wanting this foundation since forever. It is good for when one is taking alot of pics. Great post

    • Thanks Steph. I think I’ll always use this when I’m taking blog photos!xx

  • Wow, thats impressive! I hadn’t heard of this foundation so thanks for sharing, I really want it now 😉

    • It’s so good! Apparently there is a Revlon one that is quite similar 🙂 xx

  • Oh my gosh, I actually read this title as ‘Muff’…hahah so mature! This looks like such a natural foundation too, barely looks like you’ve got any on!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Muff foundation! You might be onto something there!!xx

  • This looks great, nice review.