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I’m finally getting round to writing up about the amazing pieces that I own from the Marc Jacobs beauty range. For six weeks I have been using these babies, and thinking that I must review them for my lovely readers, yet I kept forgetting. Bad Anoushka. So, I’m very sorry that it’s been so long for those people who have been desperate to see my reviews but it’s finally here. Hurrah!


When I heard about the beauty line launching, I was straight onto the Sephora website choosing the pieces that I wanted in my collection. I told myself that I was allowed a lipgloss and a nail varnish however I came away with a foundation, lipstick, nail varnish and mascara from the Las Vegas Sephora store. Willpower? It’s non existent!

I’ve been using and loving Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation lately however the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel ($48) has superseded GA. I matched to 34 Beige Medium. The consistency is beautiful, not exactly gel like but a little firmer than your usual liquid foundation. I apply using my favourite MAC 187 brush, stippling the foundation over my face for an airbrushed effect. The overall feeling on your face is that it is totally weightless, it doesn’t feel that I’m wearing foundation yet to the touch it feels soft and satiny, like a very fine powder has been applied. The coverage is enough for me not to worry. I feel like I have a full face of foundation on, yet it doesn’t look like I have. It’s seamless, and blends into your skin evenly and I simply cannot express how much I adore it! I am wearing it in the photo below and I think it really does give you a flawless ‘I’m not wearing any makeup’ kinda face.


Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Happy Ending ($30) is a deep Barbie pink, perfect for my favoured colour palette and looks and feels incredible on. Again, the lipstick comes in a gel based formula, although you cannot see a difference in consistency between the Marc Jacobs lipstick and that of another brand. I apply my lipstick straight from the bullet, and one swipe is enough to fill in your lips. The coverage is excellent, with a high opacity from just one swipe. When applied, the lipstick feels very moisturising and hydrating. I don’t feel that it dries out my lips, due to its gel based formula and it also doesn’t cling to any dry skin. I have been wearing this lipstick when I’ve been flying and at my most dehydrated point, it still doesn’t dry out. It feels more like a lip butter when on than a lipstick.



Alas, we have a huge problem. I’m so totally in love with my Marc Jacobs that I need to be able to purchase it as and when. As it’s only available in the USA at the moment, I’m hoping that I get a little trip across the pond soon to be able to pick up some more goodies. As for an expected UK release date? Well it’s scheduled to be in 2014, but when I do not know. I’m suspecting it’s going to go straight into Selfridges London first of all!

  • Anoushka Marc Jacobs what can I say? I need that foundation in my makeup bag xx

    • You really do. I may need a new one soon as I’m using it every single day!xx

  • Stacey

    I am definitely going after that foundation when MJ launches in Dubai on Sat! Love that lipstick too, I am going to be going swatch mad and know I’ll pick up more!! xxxx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

    • I’m thinking that you may need to pick me up some things and post them to me when you get home haha!!xx

  • The lipstick looks lovely on you, what a pretty colour.
    I want to try the MJ foundation so badly.

    • Thanks Vicki! I’m gonna be needing another soon myself!!xx

  • I love that lipstick, what a gorgeous colour! xx

  • Lipstick is so pretty color! love it! xo’s

  • kpsays

    I got a sample of the foundation in a Sephora order. It is fab! I will probably buy some once I run out of my Chantecaille. I wanted the lip gel in “Little Pretty” but it was sold out due to the 20% off sale. If you need anything from the US you can’t get, I’d be happy to get and mail to you. Just ask 🙂

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