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Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light

Hello there and welcome back to the 2nd part of my Makeup Revolution adoration weekend. If you didn’t see my post yesterday about the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Candy Queen of Hearts, I urge you to check it out. Today I’m sharing the love for the Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light, an eight colour concealer palette that just rocks my socks. Now, I know those regular readers will be wondering why I got a light palette, when I am a medium skintone and the reason is because I got too excited and ordered the wrong one. Fear not though, I can make use of the majority of the colours with a little bit of mixing and blending.

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light (2)

The Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light has eight colours ranging from pure white (on my skin) to a perfect match for my skin tone. I love the yellow based colour for concealing any redness and there is a gorgeous salmon pink colour that makes under eye bags magically disappear. The creamy formula doesn’t cling to any dry patches and leaves a medium coverage on your skin. Longevity is average for a concealer palette, after 6 hours I felt I had to touch up but this time frame is a pretty decent one. The colours work best when blended with fingers in my opinion, as they just melt into the skin with no pulling or dragging. Although I have used a synthetic brush with them, I find I get a better finish with my fingers for concealing. I’m excited to order the Medium-Dark palette to use as a cream contour palette, which I will use with a brush for a more precise finish. I can’t explain how wonderfully creamy the formula is and just how well it sits on the skin.

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light

Of course, there is an big thumbs up to the packaging and the seal of approval will always come down to two things; the size of the mirror and how well it travels. 10/10 for both! For just £6, yes you read that correctly, you simply can’t go wrong with this palette. As a beginner, a traveller or just an addition to your kit, its totally worth while buying all three just for the range in colours. You can get Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette Light here, or have a look at the Light-Medium Palette and Medium-Dark Palette too. £6! Buy them all! The full range of goodies can be found at Makeup Revolution.

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