28 Days of Lipstick: Day Twenty Eight | MAC Impassioned

Oh, I’m so sad. Its the last day of the 28 Days of Lipsticks and I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed it! Apart from posting every day, I have loved getting reacquainted with my gorgeous lipsticks and showing them to you. I hope that you the 28 Days series have enabled you to go out and pick up some new goodies or at least made you lust after some new lipsticks to put in your collection. The final lipstick that I am showing you today is MAC Impassioned.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

MAC Impassioned is described as an amped up fuchsia with an amplified finish. To me it is a very bright, pink-red with a touch of shimmer. It reminds me of the colour of the deeper pink highlighters that you can get. Its a very unique colour, and I think if I had to name the colour I would say watermelon. Its just gorgeous and I would sit it in the coral family rather than the pinks. When applied the coverage is opaque and it glides onto your lips with its delicious creamy texture. I get about 4 hours of wear from this lipstick, which is normal for an Amplified finish. I also find that the stain it leaves on your lips is substantial enough to wear on its own. I don’t find it drying, and I like to build it to the maximum so its a bright shocking pop of colour. I remember wearing it to work one day and the man in Customs stopped me and said he was blinded by the colour. God, men are so lame. I was like ‘Err its MAC Impassioned’.

MAC Impassioned Lipstick

As i’m sure you have seen over the last 28 Days, I am not one to shy away from colour. In fact, the brighter the better. Although I have seen many a beauty blogger write about MAC Impassioned, I have only seen one or two showcase it to its full potential. Don’t dab it on with your finger for a gentle stain, wear it bright and proud and own it gurl! (I’ve been watching Ru Pauls Drag Race, I think its rubbing off on me!) As like the other MAC lipsticks MAC Impassioned is £15.

  • I am in love with this colour and the pigmentation is amazing! 🙂
    I have really enjoyed your 28 days of lipstick lovely!! So glad you did it!

    Ellis – Ellis Tuesday

    • Thanks Ellis, I have loved doing it so I’m so pleased that you like it!xx

  • I love that lipstick colour, it’s so beautiful!


  • This lipstick is gorgeous! I’m so jealous, I wish I owned 28 lipsticks! Not that I ever wear them but if I had such nice ones maybe I would 😉 xx

  • MJ

    Hello Anoushka! I ADORE Impassioned!!
    Last summer I posted on my Instagram a look I had created with it, and on my blog I more recently wrote a post about dupes for Mac lipsticks, Impassioned included, BUT I never actually wrote a post all about Impassioned!
    You’ve just made me realize! 🙂 I’ll credit you girl :-*

  • I think this last one is probably my favourite. Thanks for sharing all your lipstick inspiration x

  • Love this colour!!!

    • Its the best colour ever made!xx