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La Roche Posay Micellar Solution

Ooh we seem to be having a few days of skincare here, so let us continue with one of most popular repurchases, the Physiological Micellar Solution by La Roche Posay.


I’ve been using La Roche products for many years and the micellar solution is one that has been gracing my dressing table for a good two years or so. There has been a huge influx of micellar waters hitting the UK store shelves recently, and the love for micellar is contagious through the Bloggersphere.

Micelles are micro spheres of oil within the water than help lift of the dirt from your face without the need for for scrubbing. Most people will have had an experience with a two phase remover, in which a bottle of half oil and half water is shaken to mix the components. Micellar solutions work on the same principle however the spheres of oil are so small, you cannot see them.

The great thing about an oil based remover is that it almost melts the make up off, reducing the need to rub, scrub and damage your sensitive skin, especially around the eye area. Holding a soaked cotton pad on your closed eyes for a few seconds will remove the majority of make up. I use one pad per eye and in two motions my eye make up has disappeared. Even waterproof mascara causes no problems for this baby.

There are so many different brands out on the market that offer a micellar solution to cleanse and remove eye make up, with Bioderma being one of the most popular ones. I will have to say, having used both, I actually prefer La Roche Posay.
At £11 for 200ml, it isn’t the cheapest product however it has never brought me out in spots, irritated my eyes nor caused me any problems and for that reason I’m sticking around.

If you would like to give La Roche Posay a try, head over to Boots (they often have 25% off too!)

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