Jimmy Choo Perfume

I’ve been loving new perfumes lately, and as we sell a great selection of the best loved, most popular and newest releases at work, it has been pretty difficult to keep myself from treating myself every time I set foot on the aircraft. I did have a little blip last week though, whilst browsing one of my favourite websites, Click Fragrance. A website that sells big name brands at heavily discounted prices, it’s a one stop shop for the shopaholics who love a bargain. I bought a 60ml bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume for just £28.

 Jimmy Choo Perfume

A 60ml bottle of Jimmy Choo Perfume usually retails at around £50, so for £28 its not just a bargain, its an absolute steal, and an offer that I just couldn’t pass up! The perfume itself comes in a pretty pink snakeskin effect box with a Jimmy Choo plaque on the front. Encased within the snakeskin box is a bottle that doesn’t look too disimilar to a grenade. Its been likened in style to the Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb bottle, and although there are similarities, they don’t look that alike.

 Jimmy Choo Perfume

The fragrance itself is quite unique. I’m been trying to compare it to any other fragrances that I have smelt, but it does have an individuality. Again, I’ve seen people liken it to Flowerbomb, but I think it is a totally different scent. Jimmy Choo Perfume has top notes of mandarin orange, pear and green notes with a heart of orchid, that settle into warming base notes of toffee and patchouli. The toffee is quite noticeable but its not in a saccharine sweet candy smell, but that of a warm, sticky toffee notes that blends well with the patchouli. I also get a rich peppery spice to it that makes it quite earthy and sophisticated. I’m totally falling in love with Jimmy Choo on every wear.

If you want to snap up an incredible bargain, then pop over to Click Fragrance where Jimmy Choo is only £28 including free first class delivery. I have the Eau De Parfum, however the Eau De Toilette is also available.



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